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Warlord in Canada?

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Hey Gang,


Sitting up here in the Great White North, wondering if anyone else is having problems getting the Warlord rulebook. While I could order it from reaper and have it in a few weeks, I'm kind of committed to getting it through my FLGS - and it never hurts to buy stuff there as I'm trying to get a BL demo going there. The owner of the shop is trying to get it for me through the distributor but according to him the dist. in this part of Canada didnt even know the book was out and would have to get back to him. It seems weird, as we get the minis a few weeks after they come due.


Just wondering if anyone else in Canada is having problems.

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The stores in the Vancouver area got them in but are already sold out. I think they underestimated Warlord's appeal.


I'm still waiting for my copy (I too have committed to getting it from a local store) to arrive in the next week or so.


I've heard Winnipeg gaming stores hadn't even heard about it at all. Calgary has The Sentry Box, and they get everything in (that place is huge!). Sentrybox is my mail order fall back if local gaming stores drop the ball too many times (my commitment only extends to waiting for a special order for about 6 weeks, at that point, I'll order from http://www.sentrybox.com/ after I email them to make sure they have what I want in stock).



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If I remember correctly (and I probably don't since it's almost 3AM and I'm still at work), the first shipment of the rulebooks was delivered to Reaper and then sent out to distributors to meet as much of the orders as they could. Until the second shipment arrives, they don't have any (or many) more copies to send out.


This will all be taken care of once more books arrive from the printers.

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Sentry Box rocks. Scott (the mail order demon) is uber doober super. Fantastic to deal with. I have my Warlord book on reserve.


For those interested, Scott is working on setting up a deal to get the Heresy miniatures in! I've got my picks in already, but because of the whole import thing, they need a (rather) big dollar value for a minimum order.


Gonna get me that big spider! Oh yes.

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