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just wanted to say thanks to everyone at the asylum, both the reaper folks, and everyone else, for helping to create such an awesome inviting atmosphere. The last 2 weekends my wife and I (and this last weekend my father and best friend as well) have really enjoyed our time (and money =) spent there. Just cements further in my mind the opinion that reaper is one of the most well run (and staffed) companies I've ever encountered. there is no other company I actually look forward to dealing with - so I just wanted to stop by and gush my enthusiasm for a while. thanks! and I'm looking forward to stopping by again next weekend.



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It is the wicked truth about Reaper that we are definately addictive... <evil grin> We will import everyone!! *Everyone*!! All the best painters will move to Texas eventually!! Well, those that don't already live here...and that's getting to be a smaller and smaller group. ::D: But seriously, folks, thank you so much for your support of the Asylum and of Reaper, and Amy, you know you get the same deal as Marike, any time you need a vacation you can probably get us to put you up down here as long as you paint a couple things while you're in town. :;):


--Anne the Paint Pusher

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