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Bug Bites


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Meat tenderizer, made into a paste with water, put that on. Works wonders on chigger bites.

Okay, I'm jumping in here rather late, but I grew up understanding that a meat tenderizer was one of those large, heavy, square-ended metal things with lots of pointy bits used to pummel your meat while it's between saran wrap or something. So now I'm wondering what kind of tool one uses to pulverize it to mix with the water....




Jess it's ok, Meat tenderizer is also a powder you can buy at the store. It is actually enzymes naturally found in cells that digest cells when they die. I believe the technical term for it is lysozyme. It's been a while since I had to crack a Microbiology book.

So in essence it's a powder which speeds up the meats decay process?

Kinda like when a dog burys a bone ?


Tenderizer sure does sound better than insta-rot



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And it actually works too. Benedryl creme is OK too, but it got much better after tenderizing.


After the question about the tenderizer to begin with I got this image of you pounding your finger with a tenderizing mallet! Which would definitly make you forget about your itch! :lol:


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