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Mmm. Looks like my download just finished in time, then. Thankfully it installed and patched with no problems, and it recognized my previously created beta account just fine. Made a tauren druid on the PST realm, RP server 34 and gave it a go.


Graphics look good as can be expected. Very slight jerky lag in town, but it cleared up and got better when doing the first quest, possibly less players around the lowbie area. The initial leveling seems fine, killed about 5 plaincatchers and leveled to 2. Finished a quest and started a bunch of others and nearly to 3. It's not monty haul xp by any rate, but it's reasonable as a challenge so far.


And the starting mobs didn't knock my hp down to three-quarters or lower, so it's not as insane as the lineage 2 beta, where you had to rest after every kill.


The interface was a little cluttered and non-obvious to a newbie or someone who didn't read the manual. Not so intuitive. It didn't use standard shortcuts like (I)nventory, but (B)ackpack. Button sizes were quite tiny, so it was a little hard to hunt and peck around and explore what could be done with it. For those willing to learn the keyboard shortcuts, it should probably be quite effortless.


You have to right click on stuff to interact with it. Not sure if this is a standard feature/format of MMORPGs, but it wasn't initially intuitive to me, and I had to discover the [!] quest information button before figuring out how to talk to NPCs. Could be my lag time, but I found double-right clicking worked better than just one single right click on most things.


Might possibly be my server, or just extremely few people trying to level up a level 1 at this point in time, but I didn't have a problem with other people standing by my corpse, stealing loot. This was one of the things mentioned in other forums that I was a little worried about.


Actual kill stealing of a targeted mob seems to be prevented by the code. At least I think so, because I accidentally hit a mob and its hp didn't go down, while some player yelled in red (looked like an automatic yell): What treachery is this?


I like the principle, though it would have been nice to have some indication of a reserved mob though, as it looked just like any other harmless plaincatcher standing around - three of them, and no other player in sight. No one showed up to flame or PK me either for kill stealing, so I doubt they cared.


If the servers are still up when I get home, I'm going to be testing it out some more. My very quick look at it shows that it seems to be a polished MMORPG that's going to attract many serious players.


My only concern is exactly that as well. It's not earth-shatteringly innovative, it's really a carbon copy of many other MMORPGs in the warcraft universe. For new players who have never played one before, it's going to be evercrack all over again. Trust me, I know, I spent 4 years addicted to a MUD before I let it go.


The level grind creates addiction. For players who have already been there, done that...how long WoW is going to stick is an interesting question. It still has a level grind, just a disguised one, you won't kill low level rats ad nauseam, but I'm still killing level 1 and level 2 plaincatchers to level the tauren.


Perhaps I'm spoiled by the instanced areas and maps of Guild Wars, but running for fifteen minutes to get to an area I want to get to, hoping there aren't other players having already killed the monster I want to kill, doesn't seem the best way to have fun. I understand there are instanced dungeons in WoW, and I think warlocks have the ability to summon players somewhere - but all this requires some heavy levels before you get to the good stuff.


In the end, whether you like WoW or not is going to depend a lot on your social and gameplay preference, imo. If, initially, you like to have lots of people doing their own thing around you, while you do your own thing, WoW will be your cup of tea. If, once you're high level, with a guild, etc, you like 10-40 people in a massive group to kill a big monster in a raid, WoW is going to thrill you.


For those who prefer not to get their mind twisted around the organization and logistics necessary to get 10-40 people online at the same time and working as a team, or dislike/mistrust other people hovering around near you in a massive world - WoW probably won't be your dream game.


As for myself, I'm very happy to be finally trying out the game free (darned download and installation time takes the cake and makes it into my record books), and will be playing the beta until they shut it down. :wub:


I still haven't decided if I want to spend the money on the retail version and monthly subcription, as I can tell WoW is going to be a time sink, and not a pick-up-and-play sort of game.

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Suddenly Guild Wars is sounding better and Better...a totally painless process from start to finish, and I'm jonesing for the next free preview weekend already. Alot of ex Blizzard North employees worked on Guild Wars...I'm seeing possibly foregoing buying WoW for GW at this point. I had so much fun playing that game, it was intuitive, light on the roleplaying weirdness...no "Thee must fetchest the Key of Doom from the SkullDuggery blah blah..." Just sort of easygoing..."Where's the Armorer? Do you have any Iron Ingots? I'll give Cloth for Bones... Wanna go hunting?" type of banter. I was in love with Diablo 2 for many years though, so maybe it's just the similarities that keep me wanting to come back. ITAM LUZT!!!

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