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There is a singleplayer? :D In truth, i am hung up on the multi. I have had the game for about 4 hours now, and i have only stopped playing long enough to order a pizza, and check my email. thought i would jump on here real quick to see what others thought of it. well, back to the destruction.


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Sorry to resurrect a dead thread, but I've finally gotten the chance to beat the game...

*Possible Spoilers*







I think it was great! At first I thought it would just be more of the Master Chief running around slaughtering aliens and parasites, but being able to play as the Arbiter was an excellent change of pace (story-wise anyway). The end was perfect. You already blew up a Halo (an Halo?) in the first one, so... Sure, they could have added another couple of hours to the game, but I guess that's what the multiplayer is for. On top of that, it's the perfect marketing ploy for Halo 3. :ph34r:

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