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Problem solving in "other" games..


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Since the Truncheons and Flagons players have their thread about novel ways of ruining a DM's day I thought I'd start one over here. Here's a few "for examples."


Shotgun shells can be carefully unloaded of their pellets and toothpicks replaced inside for dealing with those pesky vampires. Kinda short ranged but it gets the point across. ( pun intended ) :devil:


Vampire infestations are generally best dealt with by a suitable application of arson. :devil:




I once played a Traveller game where I was the "spy" sent to infiltrate the facility the mercenary PC's were hired to protect. My characters' background was the Marines and finished up as a Major I think. Well the other players decided I should be the commander of our merry little merc. band. :devil: The GM also told me to expect the "good guys" to have a mole at the facility too.


One night as we played the GM took another player and I in the other room and explained that I had discovered him searching my room and holding proof I was the "bad guy". I promptly shot and killed him. The shot caused the party to come running and before they arrived I switched the evidence and proclaimed myself the "good guy" spy. They immediately accepted my story as I'm such a great guy and the dead PC was notorious for playing bad guys. ::D: We immediately transferred the critical data we were guarding up to my hidden cruiser's computer for safe keeping in case another attempt was made before we could ensure it's safety. I promptly joined it. :devil: The other PC's were NOT happy when the GM told them what happened :lol:

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Heh... I used to have fun passing notes to the GM.


Like "is there a dog in there?" while sneaking into a suburban house.

"Does she have a shotgun?" Scared, half blood-sucked chick.


I think the answer each time came to be "yes".. I'm so glad it wasn't my character.


Or one of my characters got bored with waiting for the others to return, so he tried to scare off the cop who was investigating by throwing a stone garden ornament through the car window..... unfortunately breaking the cops legs.


Unfortunately these tended to be how to make a GM's day more enjoyable.

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Some of My Favorites...


Shotguns are Truly the most versatile weapon.

remove Shot from Shell, and load with cheap Silver coinage. makes a Quick Silver "bullet" in a pinch.

Starting a campfire with a Shotgun with nothing in the Shell but some dried weeds.

Of Course Rock Salt for Quick Giant Slug removal... :blink:


My Favorite was a Game of Champions, I Ported a Favorite D and D (2nd ed) Wizard, and was carrying my old PHB for ideas whenever we needed a problem solved. it is interesting how far 10 magic missiles will throw someone in that game system! :devil:



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I was playing a troll in Shadowrun with a "1" intelligence. We were breaking into some office complex for something or other. Our net runner (Decker) was hacked into the facility from our hideout and could only communicate with us through the closed circuit TV cams. He could here us and would move them up and down for "yes" and side to side for "no". We came across a problem deeper in the facility and needed the deckers help, but no cameras around, so the troll runs back to the last one he saw, tears it down and brings it back to the party and says "Ask him now" He was mad that he wouldn't answer us.

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