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Woodland Barbarians


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I have posted my build for my tree hugging troops. Let me know what you think.


Woodland Barbarians


I have tried the following army list in a 1000 point game and it worked well. The speed is its strong point + having ranger for all troops is nice. My favorite would be the Hunt Masters squad except when they kill my dogs.


Thorn McCload (Warlord) (249pts)

+1 Amour (15pts)

- Druid (Cleric) (50pts)

Bandage x3 (30pts)

- Berserker x 3 (105pts)

- Short Bowmen x 2 (52pts)


Hunt Master (92pts)

- Dog, Hunting x 5 (115pts)

- Dog, Guard x 3 (72pts)


Natures Fury (220pts)


Total (1000pts)


If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know.



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