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Faction Discussion: Necropolis

Lord Baasen

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We do have one great advantage though; Flyers!

We have the most.

Granted the Crypt Bats aren't resilient enough in a fight, they can pester the h ll out of Archers and Magic-Casters. Eikar is a little tougher, but not by much.

The lovely Syphrilla has her uses against stragglers/solitaires, but up against a Troop she quickly gets jacked.

Ah, the gargoyle. It's a shame it doesn't last longer than a single hit.


The Tin Cans fall down so nicely when you get in a crossfire of a couple of Banshees.

[i suggest fielding a Banshee even in 1000pt fights and a minimum of two in anything higher.]


mgmaranda: That's disgusting. Go wash your hands.

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Gargoyle is very nice. I used one last night to take out an Archer Sgt (I think - it was the leader of a missile troop, and was out in front, threatening to call down volleys.)


Banshee is nice too - anything that cuts through a bunch of troops on a single attack is nice.


Have other people been loading up on troops, or taking some troops and concentrating on characters? I tried a character-heavy game last night, and if I had not rolled poorly at a couple key moments, I think I could have won the game. As it stood, I lost most of my warriors, and his warlord got healed back to full health, so the game was his.


PS - We really need some way of healing our leaders.

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