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Faction Discussion: Necropolis

Lord Baasen

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My small formation involves a main attack force of Judas, 9 wraith harvesters, Nivar, and Syphilla.


following a few inches behind is Azarphan, 10 skelatal archers and Naomi


Naomi uses the undying host skill as soon as possibe.Judas is the main attack force including the spectral minions, they advance on the enemy while the archers combine to volly and kill as many as they can untill Judas is able to intercept and destroy.


This is the basis to all of my forces all the way up to the largest forces.

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The banshee is probably the best use of points I have ever seen, especially if it can dance and shimmy like the necropolis player's does here.


Ladystorm and I are moderators. We keep things tidy, put out fires, etc. If your post was consolidated with an existing thread, it's seriously nothing personal.

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well to tell u the truth....I have yet to play a REAL game. the store that plays is like 1 1/2 hours away so i usually play like messing around games with my friend. but I like to make tactics before hand so I know what would work (in theory) as a counter attack

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is there anyway to rename this section, i dunno it could just use a better name look at some of the other clans

overlords-Lords of Cracla


Dwarves-The Axe and Hammer Tavern

reven-"It's not easy being green" (give them some credit the orcs arnt smart)

elves-Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command


necropolis-dead people

these are all the forum lists for the different clans and ours i think is the worst named can we change it somehow?

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Hmm, taking on the Dwarves with Necropolis. That sounds like a challenge. The advantage of the Skeletal Warriors (Tough/1) is negated so the choice would be Skeletal Breakers supported by Wraith Harvesters.

Ah, Banshees! The Dwarves won't be able to chase them down.

Unless they have a Griffon.


And/or a Troop Musician. And a cleric equiped with March to the Pipes.


And stuff.

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