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Faction Discussion: Necropolis

Lord Baasen

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You're missing the point, Caden. The Griffon, in this scenario, is not meant to survive. He's meant to succeed. If I were to field a Griffon in this scenario, I would fully expect him to go down screaming (Landing is a free action, BTW. It takes an action to activate flight, however). But, I garauntee that said Griffon would succeed at taking out the Banshee.


I'm also fairly certain that he'd take out a crapload of breakers/wraiths/whatnot on defensive strikes. And if he didn't fall on your troops activation? If by some stroke of luck (which is the largest, most often ignored factor in the game) he survived the undead onslaught? Why, a simple discipline check, and he's in flight again, and zippin away, headed for Line of Sight of the cleric, faster than you can say "holy crap".


Seriously, Flying solos are "da bomb". Ask Lord Baasen, I field a Guardian Angel against him on a regular basis. On never, ever do I expect the Angel to survive. But 9 outta 10 times, he gets the job done.


Oh, and BTW, nice minis. I'll give constructive critisism later in the Show Off section.

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good question. they should be grouping up to one huge wave of attackers to kill my people in one huge mass of short. if the other player is smart. and presuming that its a 1000 point game.  and im only using 839 points while they have 1000

Umm, no. Anyone that does that is asking to die. Worse than that- lose. And the Griffon dying was only the goal from your point of view. And killing off a Griffon won't win the game. Not ever.


Oh, BTW, the army list you mentioned earlier, with Judas, Naomi, Azarphan, Banshee, Archers, Breakers, what-not, comes out to well over 1000 points.



But then, who am I to question such great tactics? :rolleyes:

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I ran Necros against Spike's Reven. It was REAL close. Skeletal Breakers and Fireballs did a lot of the dirty work. The Reven passed more disciplone checks than expected, and Warcry kept bringing them back. It was a 3500 points per side game, with ten to twelve troops each.


I had Crypt Bats for a while...



Watch the birdie :lol::lol:

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I have only had the pleasure of fighting the Revan on one occasion and I was utterly stomped into the ground due to their ability to lower their defense to attack. Also it was one of my first games, I had yet to discover the wicked tactics of the necropolis.


My few games of late have been astounding successes, sadly only one of which I could record due to the other two being with an unregistered player. I am trying to get him to register but he does not have an operational email address.


2 wins against the Nefsokar - I was really not impressed, the biggest problem was the walking avatar and I happened to destroy it easily with several breakers and Gauntfield.


1 win against dwarfs - This fight wasn't going well at first but quickly turned around when I could bring my numbers to bear. I was not very impressed with the bear rider either, Azarphan was able to take him down with Gauntfield and some breakers softening him up but sadly going down.

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