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Ichabod Crane

Happy Birthday

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Here's the birthday boy, born 29 years ago today!




I hope you have a great day! *hugs*

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Hey I took a break from slaving with the brush and thought I should check the boards. And then I rememberd it had been my birthday and saw all the posts, Thanks guys it warms my heart. ::): Now I feel all guilty that I had very little time to come in and post on the board. :rolleyes:



My stepdad is her visiting from sweden so I am roling in swedish chocolates and Kaviar and leverpastaje Yuuum yum I am going to be happy for days or however long I can make it last.


Thanks again guys I will have some works coming up for the show of section I am gonna paint Christmas sophia the 54 mm version and also a 5 headed dragon Takishis or how you spell her name from Dragon Lance she is going to be a pretty massive job and fun to ::D:

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