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"It's not easy being green"

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For Orc Eyes Only


Okay..so you Ogres, Goblins, Beastmen, River Trolls and Harpies can look too...and so can Hilly, but please don't block the short guys' view.


Here's where to post Reven tactics (yes, orcs can spell taktiks). Here's also a good place for new players to ask more experienced players about rules regarding the faction.


Errata and Clarifications


I have seen a few questions regarding Reven data cards, Special Abilities and other rules on other parts of the message board. I have also had a few questions answered in private message. I will do my best to consolidate as many of those into this topic as I can along with quote documentation wherever possible. If anybody else has any errata that needs to be added, PM me and I'll modify this post.




Here I will be adding any additional essential links or information concerning Reven. I might even go so far as to make this a news topic as well. Bear with me though while I get myself organized.






(orgininal post)

My early victory over the Elves MIGHT be called beginners-luck. Since then, I have been first runner-up (we will not be using the term "lost" henceforth) to the Elves in a non-scoring match and to Dwarves and Mercs in official ReaperGames matches.


The fun part is finding out what went right with the first match and what went wrong with the next three.


My own thoughts are that what worked with the Elves the first time is exactly what cost me against the Dwarves later. I did what orcs do best, charged in, went berserk and had the Elves for lunch. The Warcry and Toughness special abilities were the key, but against the Dwarves, all the Warcrying in the world was for nothing against Dwarven Bane. Simply put, when fighting Dwarves, if you're down, your dead.


In the second Elves match, I made the mistake of splitting into three seperate attacks and spread out a bit more, thus not being able to use Warcry as effecitvely. Knowing this, when I faced the Mercs in a 1000 point match, I kept a tighter formation and got hammered by their wizard's Fireball spell. Though it did little permanent damage due to Warcry, it bought the Mercs enough time to close in and flank.


So, I'm open to suggestions. It's time to reclaim Taltos for the orcs!




Orc Strategy Tip #1



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I'm with you in spirit my green sister. Unfortunatly we Nova Scotians are hampered by the lack of Warlord Rulebooks at the moment.


But soon... sooon... sooooooon....


I'd discuss strat etc, but it would all be pointless theorycraft as I havn't even seen all the stats yet :)

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My greenskins are itching for a fight, and I think they may get one against a small band of flappingtongues... oh.. uhh... Crusaders for those of you unfamiliar. I'd be happy to share whatever strategic bits I find in their candy-filled chest cavities.


-Paul Starr

-AM, Game Preserve in Greenwood

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Well... after my beginners' luck with Kellinator's elves, my poor poooor orcs went on a shameful six-game losing streak, which FINALLY ended tonight.


Here's my post to the ReaperGames database.


My orcs ended a six-game losing streak tonight by fielding two companies of mixed bull orc archers and fighters along with one goblin mage, one shaman, one ogre fighter and one ogre hunter. 


After several failed experiments involving the more expensive skeeters, I decided to go back to my good ol' reliable bull orcs, and it paid off in my opinion. Better odds in melee situations are what's needed in smaller battles on smaller battlefields.


My thoughts for smaller games where points need to be spent wisely and the board or the terrain bring about melee combat quickly, one is better off to save their money and buy two bull orc archers rather than one of the more pricy as well as more fragile goblin skeeters. The skeeters have less range than bull orcs unless they volley, but if they form up to volley, they open themselves up to magic attacks, for which they have only a defense of 6. If they don't get lucky early and anybody closes on them or the opponent's mage gets an early strike in, they're in deep trouble.


Besides, the little green buggers are plotting to overthrow the orcs..which is a bad thing.


Soo.. we've got a bit of a hole to dig ourselves out of before we take back Tagarthos, but as LEAST we're back in the game.

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But in a larger size army, the skeeters become more valuable because of Neek and his mob ability. Make an archer corp of bull and skeeter bowmen. Since skeeter are base size 0, you can have bull orcs ranked behind them without effecting LOS, and using their addded range to cover the skeeters. Mob = more chances for 10's ::D:


Using skeeters definitely seems cost prohibitive in a smaller point army. You wipe out all your points with Neek and a mob of skeeters for a 1000 pointer.


Skeeters have a MD of 9, only one point less than the hunters, and every Reven soldier model, heck almost every Reven model period.


I'm still basing my army at the moment. Haven't gotten off my duff and joined Warlord HQ yet :blush: I'll be in whatever area covers New England.


Okay, I have another questions. Which is the preferred spell caster of the 3 we have?

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At this time, I'm most keen on the goblin mage. A bit cheaper than the ogre, and effective. I ought not slight the ogre though, but the last time I had him, I managed some really lousy dice-rolls. I've not written him off yet.

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I've never actually used spells with my Orcs yet. "Warcry" has always been sufficient to my needs.


Now I forget, Warcry is innate with the Leaders at CP4...are we trying to roll a 10, or an 8 with that? It's a non-attack spell on a willing aly, so I'd say 8. That seems awfully powerful.


...then again I play versus Chris's Dark Elves and Jim's Necropolis who decided that having a catapult was worth not having their faction abilities, so they really have no room to complain. :P

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Oh yeah, and another question...


Why doesn't Neek have the ability to have an elite with him, specifically, Lunk?

It would make sense that the Goblins would stick together. Neek is already limited by being a unique figure. Heck, I'd even be willing to have a small cost increase to allow it. It's hard to have the "faction within a faction" when he's only limited to Skeeters right now.




Oh yeah. Worg riders. Goblin soldiers/fodder would be cool too.

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How about a field promotion for Neek :lol: , since his fluff says he's wanting to become a Goblin Warlord basically. Then create another Goblin sarge.

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Okay, I have another question regarding the Reven faction...


What happened to Gragg?!?!?


You can't tell me Vauraug usurped him!!!


Or did those tree huggin pointy eared girly elves do something to Gragg in revenge for all his Elfslayin' ?

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Gragg isn't from Hordeland. He's from Kargir.... WAAAAAAAAY north of the area we're in.


BUT that doesn't mean his model can't be used. I just LOVE that orc.


My only guess as to why Neek is unique...(based on what little backstory is given in the rules book) is that the LAST thing an orc army needs is more than one obnoxious little goblin with ambitions of usurping the orc-warlord.... IMNSHO that is. ::D:

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Another Reven-victory last night!!!


This time it was against Crusaders (though in the hands of a fairly new player). The Battle Nuns and Ironspines could have been used more wisely, and perhaps the game might have gone differently, but ... they weren't...and it didn't. ;)


In the end, the only Reven loss was one troll. The Crusaders surrendered.


Here's my game-report.


With one mixed company of skeeters and woodcutters, one mixed company of bull orc archers and warriors, and one "company" of a single troll, the Crusaders' bold attack was cut short and soon they surrendered.


The Crusader's witch-hunter (played by Janara, half-orc archer) equipped with GMA and GMW put up the toughest resistance. 


The only Reven loss was the troll, but AFTER he singly took out Roman.


The Crusaders started out the game by forming up their two troops into a "parade" and coming out as though to cut a path right through my orcs. Whereas my orcs took up positions in the treeline and my skeeters took to a small crumbled-down keep and waited. My troll, being a troll, went lumbering up to their left-flank, not really wanting to concern himself with tactics at all.


Oh, and for those of you who wonder why the Crusaders had a half-orc in their mix, it was in part because our Witchfinder hasn't been painted yet, and also because she is based on an RPG character who is a female half-orc cleric of Aurellius. The troll didn't pull any punches though, and she thoroughly cleaned his plough. Steve was only hoping she would use the "Mercy" to make the troll fight for the Crusaders, but my opponent was more bent on getting at least one kill.


So...tonight Steve's challenged me again. Y'all wish me luck. His Mercs are a ROYAL PAIN.

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*blows heaps of dust off long-dormant topic*


Last night I actually dreamed I tried this tactic in a game.




The WL is Varaug. The "R" models are all Reach-equipped Hunters. The "M" models are all melee-trained Fighters.


...and it goes a li'l somethin' like THIS.. ::D:


WL- Varaug, 3 melee attacks, base MAV of 5

+2 for being supported by Bull Orc Hunters R1 and R2, both of whom have Reach.

+5 more for being supported by Bull Orc Fighters M2, M3, M4, and M5 and Bull Orc Hunter R7

..for a grand total modified MAV of +12


... BUT far be it from the Reven to settle for overkill when we can achieve UBERkill!


M2, Bull Orc Fighter, base MAV of 3

+2 for being supported with Reach by R2 and R3

+5 for being supported by WL, M3, M4, M5 and R7

..total modified MAV of +10


M3, Bull Orc Fighter, base MAV of 3

+5 for being supported by WL, M2, M4, M5 and R7

..total modified MAV of +8


M4, Bull Orc Fighter, base MAV of 3

+2 for being supported with Reach by R5 and R6

+5 for being supported by WL, M2, M3, M5 and R7

..total modified MAV of +10


M5, Bull Orc Fighter, base MAV of 3

+5 for being supported by WL, M2, M3, M4 and R7

+1 for also being supported with Reach by R7

..total modified MAV of +9


... but the unhappy chap in the middle refuses to die..which makes one orc particularly unhappy.


R7, Bull Orc Hunter, 2 melee attacks, base MAV of 2

+2 for being supported with Reach by R5 and R6

+5 for being supported by WL, M2, M3, M4 and M5

+4 for being Enraged (-8 to DV)

..total modified MAV of +13


What's even better (now that I've gone through the trouble of generating a graphic and can't be bugged to do another), is that I could replace all my "M" mofels with more Bull Orc Hunters and get lots of double-melee-attacks in, though at a lower MAV and slightly higher points-per-model cost...


..but you nice folks get the picture, huh? :B):


Be afraid..be VERY afraid!.. MWAHAHAHA!





Pity the whole beauty of the plan hinges on an unscathed company of orcs being able to maneuver themselves into those positions...and the whole dang thing would just fall apart when they complete their move only to be done in by a rightly-deserved Fireball.


Ahhh..but a girl can dream, can't she? ::D:

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