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Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

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Anyway, this is an army i was thinking about fielding. tell me what you think.


Troop A

Prince Danithal: Spells- Bolt, Fireball. Equip.- Mod Magic Weapon, Great. Magic Armor, Lesser Magical Protection


Lysette: Spells- Ice Shards and x4 Bolt


3 Vale Archers


4 Vale Warriors


3 Vale Longthorns


Troop B

Arnise- Equip.- Greater Magic Armor


3 Deathseekers


Total Points for Army 998


Any Suggestions Welcome. Im kinda worried about having such a highly pointed Warlord, but hell, why not.

Danithil doesn't really need the moderate magic weapon, or the magical protection. In a 1000 point game he's going to be just about the baddest guy out there, so spend those points elsewhere (like more grunts).


I really don't like your spells for Lysette. There's no way you're going to need that many Bolts. If your wizard gets targetted enough to use Defensive Magic 4 times, she's probably already dead. Take 1 bolt, maybe 2, and put those points into either more spells or more grunts.


If you save up all the points I've recommended, that's 75 points. Take Meridh and a few grunts to give yourself another activation card and another force to support the Arnise troop. A centaur is also a pretty good investment if used properly.



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You definitely want a solo or another troop. Also, I second the comment on the bolts- trade most of them for ice shards. Also, I'd give the fireball to Lysette and some of the ice shards to danithal, since she has a higher CP. You probably don't need all that equipment on Danithal- the armor is probably a good idea, but the weapon is better spent on more grunts.

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Anyway, I gamed with the army list i wrote minus danithals weapon and mag protection.

I lost just barely. It was pretty cool at the end he had 4 isiri archers and i had 1 deathseeker on the field. I ended up cutting down 2 of the 4 before the deathseeker fell with an arrow in his chest.


thanks for the help.


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In the reptus thread, it was suggested that a single troop of archers should be spread out over the largest facing possible, in small clusters, so to allow maximum coverage of the field. What do the experts of the Elves think of this tactic. It is in direct conflict with GE's zig-zagged archer line. Probably would be fair to say that which option is taken is dependant on terrain.


Have other people tried this? I have to admit that I think the Elvish Archer is more S Plasma Torpedo than Disruptor.

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I feel like a traitor, but I used the elves to kill the Reven. This is a 750 point list that I used to great effect against the Reven:


Selwyn w/ Lesser accuracy upgrade


Caerwynn w/ Lesser accuracy upgrade, Greater magical armor, divine favor and a bless.


6 Vale archers


2 breakers


The army came to 748 points. I lost a breaker and 2 vale archers and killed the entire Reven army. I used a volley to kill the skeeters then sniped the rest of the reven throughout the game. :poke:

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Hey guys, two things for you real quick: the first is Caerwyn has been errata'd to have the Volley Special Ability. Second is very, very, very soon (even beyond Reaper Soon) you won't have to worry about not having all of the Core Elven models.


What are CORE elven models?




ps probably a stupid question but hey, thanks if you help me out

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Core Elven models are models as listed in the Warlord Core Rulebook. Expansion models will be from the expansion book (look at Necropolis, Reven, and Crusaders for what I'm talking about).


I think she may have already paid the points for it; I'll have to look and check to be sure. If her points go up we'll note it in the appropriate places.

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I had originally planned on doing elves for my second army. After having played several games (as overlords) I was starting to get discouraged becuase of the elves poor defense value. ::(: The overlord grunts can definitely stand up to some punishment. After reading through all 11 pages of this thread I am starting to get excited again about having an elf army. Guess it is an army you have to play a bit more strategically. Now they seem more interesting. :B):

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