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Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

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Yuki in that game you never needed that upgrade cause as I recall every time you shot you wounded someone with that darn centaur(and murdered Urga.....that will be avenged) so no whining!!!!! ::):


I am just happy that my skeeters put an end to the centaurs reign of terror mwhahahahaha!!!!


Oh by the way #1 archer in warlord goblin skeeter, #2 Elf vale victim.....I mean archer!!!! :grr:

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never judge a person by his post count


it just means they like to "flap their gums"


And never trust an orc, Reven means "to rob" in the dwarven tongue after all <_<

Hmmm I'm not sure which statement here offends* me more Saint ::D:::P:


I hear your Dwarven mama calling you. Best get back before the big mean ole Orcs come and gobble you up little fella. :poke:





















* Resembles. Whatever. ::D:

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Heh, when I read that post I started laughing pretty hard because I know it wasn't meant for me, but damn, it could have been.


Then I stopped laughing really fast. ::(:


Apparently my wife doesn't find it funny to be woken by my laughter at just before midnight when she needs to be up in 6 hours. JEESH. ^_^

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Oh by the way #1 archer in warlord goblin skeeter, #2 Elf vale victim.....I mean archer!!!!


Not really

Dont forget that Elves have Sure Shot, and better Volley Fire rules.


FRAWRESS VICTORY! Ke Ke Ke Ke ^______^;;


(and yeah, that Centaur may have done well, but still, i got fooled by Reven Trickery! that will be avenged!!)

(Besides, just imagine when Matsumoto here's he can put items on his Angel - i bet you ten bucks he's gonna peirce our ears with a victory whoop, and then do a dance)



leave Caerwynn at home in my opinion, she is just too many points for such a fragile model in a small game.


Thats the thing there - Caerwynn is incredibly valuable - the only archer hero better then her is Lorielle Silverrain, and she's uber-pricey. Caerwynn with a GAU is a thing to be feared - using critical shot, she can get her RAV up to 10, and have an easy time hitting anything in the game for one shot a peice.

even without though, she's a great sniper.


But yeah - she has the lowest DV ive seen so far (a 7) - she's a fragile lady.

Thats why i inted to use her as much as i can, that way i become better at using her to maximum effect, while keeping her out of harms way.

it requires tact and skill to use such a model effectively.


Its my mission, and i wont stop untill every Reven scumbag has (at the least!) one elven arrow in the brainpan. :B):

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Caerwyn, give me here over Lorrielle anyday, the one better damage track higher MAV, greater number of melee attacks, and clerical abilities + Elven special abilities makes her far superior. Granted, she doesn't have Scrye shot, which is a huge detractor.


That being said, I'd still be wary about taking her in a small battle (anything 1000 points or less), save the GAU and upgrade the poor girls armor, give her a couple bandage spells.

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BALOHD AKAR HADONEL AKAIII!!!!!!!!!!! (angel kill everything)



Ugluk, ol' two timin', rules gimping, lying orc butt, you orc robber you!! ::P: i hear orcs have pretty mouths by demonic standards, need a little help getting out of your cage??? nyark nyark.... if it is so, i will name him michael and give him the keys to heaven's arsenal






who are those overlord guys again???

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Any Leader, Grunt, Elite or Solo can use equipment, so long as they don't have the beast ability, and the equipment isn't restricted to a certain model type (such as Greater Magic Weapon being available only to Leader or Elite models).


Granted, i'm not sure how effective it is to load up grunts with items.

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In a HUGE point game, I'd consider giving multiple grunts armor and weapon upgrades. Make a special forces unit of Archers than can fight a little better. A slighty toughter troop of melee combatants. Breakers with movement upgrades to really charge in there and cause mayhem.


e.g. a Bull Orc Archer troop all with Lesser Magic Weapons. Oh damn, the enemy has moved into b2b. Fine, we'll hit them with our MAV 2 and DV 9. Oh, they are running away? Fine, RAV 2, 30" range...FIRE!!!



If your grunt is a musician or standard bearer you might want to consider giving them some better armor just to make sure they survive, although a Standard can be picked up by another figure to maintain the bonus, so they may not need the armor as much as the Musician since an instrument does not have the luxury of being picked up by another.

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If I was playing in the 2500 to 3000+ point game, I'd consider some equipment upgrades for basic grunts. You'd only lose 15 points per model. For my archers, that would 2 upgrades for a loss of one model. Not a horrible trade IMHO. Especially when you're playing at that point level, where 3-4 models may not make an appreciable difference.

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I hate that when i get caught in my own ignorance.


I didnt read this topic from post one - now that i have, not only am i much more enlightened on the Faction i call my own, but i feel retarded for acting like an idiot.



Ive played two games now against both Matsumoto (Overlords) and Ugluk (Reven). both were horrible losses for me.


The first game was a 750pt a peice threeway between the forces of Me (Elves), Ugluk, and Matsumoto. Because the only leader model i had assembled and ready was Danithal, i burned alot of points for him, and a group of six Vale Archers. i compounded the spendy error by giving Danithal Greater Magic Armor and a Greater Magic Weapon. after that, i had Niriodel (with a Bandage and Bless), and a centaur with Greater Acc Upgrade.


And here's where i noticed the first hitch. the high DV's of my enemies.

Matsumoto's Overlords mostly had DV's of 10, 11, and a few 12's. he had a small force, so he got to spend outrageusly on Magic Items. with those DV's, i needed 7's, 8's, and higher to hit them at all, which means even though i was firing around 14 arrows, maybe three would hit. yeah, thats still three models down, but in the end i couldnt stop his horde from getting into B2B with Danithal and seriously chewing him up (He faced a Capt with 2 attacks, plus a horde of supporters which pushed his MAV up to 9 <_< )

So Danithal gets severly wounded, and almost didnt make it.

On the other end of the board My Centaur was trying to stem a flanking force of Ugluk's consisting of an Urga Beastman, and two Skeeters - thats when my Centaur got nerfed. however, he still got Urga, but the Skeeters dropped him with no effort.


So, at this point Matsumoto's Overlords are chopping into my lines, and i cant hold them back. Ugluk had decided he wanted to kill Elves more then Overlords, so he came after me too - and since i couldnt stop that Flank, Niriodel went down from Skeeter archery (He did try and use his Bandage on Danithal, but i rolled a one.).


I declared this line HOSED and i retreated - the most memorable was a Wounded Danithal carrying the body of Niriodel off the table edge, while the Vale Archers put up one hell of a fight against the tide - i lost all but two of them. after that, the Reven mopped up what was left of the Overlords, and the battle concluded with me and Matsumoto being horribly mangled, and Ugluk with an unsatisfied Victory.


The Second Battle was a one on one - My Elves vs Ugluk's Reven.

My composition was much more thought out this time.

Troop #1 contained a Vale Captain (Selwyn) with Lesser Acc Up, and 5 Vale Archers.

Troop #2 was led by Arnise, with a Lesser Magic Armor, and Lesser Magic Weapon (although i shouldve given her just a Greater Magic Armor instead), and 3 Breakers.

Troop #3 contained a Vale Captain, with LMA and LMW, and 3 Vale Warriors.


This battle was actually winnable for me - but i made a couple of nasty tacticle errors.

One - I had my archers take the high ground, and on turn two, they were in perfect position to lay down Volley Fire on Ugluks forces. my mistake? i moved them off high ground and into woods (for cover bonuses). however, that just took them closer to his forces, and within a couple turns, he mauled them and none survived.

Early on, i split my forces into their three groups - Group 1 took the high ground to provide fire support (but i fouled that up), group three flanked right, and group two went right the middle to meet his offensive. which leads to mistake number two.

Two - I struck with Arnise too soon - as my Warriors engaged, a swung Arnise and her company around the back of the Reven offensive to hit them from behind. however, he just marched another company and Arnise got sandwiched. she died, as well as two Breakers over a couple of turns - the Last Breaker participated in the Endgame Coup de Grace fest, but was eventually cut down as well.


Troop 2 was very ineffectual - in the end, Ugluk managed to kill Arnise and most of my people suing his ability to lower his defense and pump up his MAV - yeah his orc was gonna die from my Defensive Strike, but what does that matter if he can kill something better? my Captain got severly wounded, and stuck it out, managing to kill a few orcs, but eventually went down and failed his tough roll (i made one tough roll out of the entire game - damn spotty luck).


In the Endgame i was down to my captain, a Warrior, and a Breaker - surrounded by Orcs that had been KO'd but not killed - and since Ugluk had Kiakara with a Warcry, ill be damned if i was gonna let my hardwork go to waste. it was pure luck that my card came up first and i CdG'd all of of the dead around me.


But, that was my last hurrah - his forces moved in and i lost everything. i brought 14 models to the table, and he brought 13 - i killed nine total.


After reading this thread entirely - and based on the analysing of my own mistakes - i think i know how to proceed.


Rule #1 - DO NOT SPLIT YOUR FORCES - Elves are way to fragile to send them out on their own, and the last thing i need is too get butchered by forces who are much better at Melee killing then i am.


Rule #2 - Repeat Rule #1


Rule #3 - Dont leave Vale Archers Undefended - alone, theyll get butchered. pair them with your fighting companies for defense - plus, when your fighting companies get into melee, have your archers thin out their opp by close-in fire support.


Rule #4 - Use Speed To Your Advantage - with Ranger i can place my units where they will be most effective before the game even begins.


Rule #5 - Know your Enemy - after a few scraps with the Reve, and a carefull reading of their datacards, i know what i have to watch out for.


Rule #6 - "Crane Tactics" - This comes from L5R, and was most effective tactic by the Americans in the Revolutionary War - pick out Leaders and snipe them - troops without a leader become severly disadvantaged.


Rule #7 - "No Plan Ever Survives First Contact With The Enemy" - dont rely on the same thing everytime. change your tactics as they change theirs - your goal is to stay one step ahead of your enemy, or else your dead.


I think thats it, there are also helpful tactics like a Lysette and a Firestorm against a troop of grunts, which i will most likely use at some point. Caerwynn and GAU will be great for sniping, but its expensive.


Must Play. Must Refine. Must Learn.



Forgive me for earlier - i was wrong to sully these halls with immature bickering and ignorance of strategy.


I Will Fight For Almirithil in The Redstones - And I Will Win.

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As I see, if you learned something from yer fights... then you won.


one thing that I don't see mentioned alot on this board is the tactic of concentrated fire. Focus yer attacks on one point. This will do two things limit defensive attacks and ensure destruction of yer target. Now I don't mean have yer entire Fighting company attack one grunt but rather one troop at a time. This is why I prefer the three prong attack.


And remember the elves have two strengthes Speed and range... use them both.


One more thing... read everything that Goldeneagle writes... when it comes to elves he wrote the book :poke:

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