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Canned chainmail mini's.

Kamui K

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I know some ppl here were disapointed with the chainmail line.  But there were a few gems that came out from it.  And looking at their lists of up coming stuff before they were canned, it just ticks me off what Hasbro did.  


I actually liked chainmail's monsters and looking at this list, it's a tease, I know.  But I can't help myself.upcoming chainmail release


I was lookinf forward to their:


displacer beast


Gray Elf War Wizard

Centaur Sharpshooter

Mind Flayer

Death Knight

Fearsome Ghost





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As long as their displacer beast for chainmail is not the split-down-the middle kind that was the normal AD&D figs.


NB, a lot of the Chainmail figs are seeing release as D&D figs now...


Also, Reaper has a displacer beast coming out, saw it in the latest game catalog... They call it a "Phase Cat" though... :D



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I liked & disliked the chainmail line myself, I did like some of the dwarves like the main cleric guy (except for the goofy tower) & the female fighter type, good agresion on that one. The gnolls were awesome figs as well, #### got enough gnolls now to use in a game if I wanted (well I still have to get the duo Gnolls from Reaper) but overall the series lacked, the humans couldn't decide if they were greeks or russian(basic sorc) or regular fantasy, not enough game type humans, one gnome in that game, but then again there only 1 gnome in Reaper's line buuuut he's AWESOME looking!!!.


Overall I wish Hasbro wouldn't have canned it but now it leaves more $$$ for Reaper & my other gaming stuff!!


Randy M

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There are still a ton of Chainmail minis at every LGS around me.  If you have a WotC store around you they may still have a few left at a discount, but the LGS I've seen haven't dropped any prices...


They have also repackaged some Chainmail minis under the D&D logo as boxed sets as well.

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Well, I think that Reaper's going to take care of that displacer beast problem for you.  


I got a catalog (Game World?) with a recent order and they had some pictures of upcoming releases from Reaper.  One of those was something called a Phase Cat, which the picture showed to be a panther-like beast with 4 tentacles coming out of it's back.  Seems fairly evident what that's supposed to represent.


They also had a pic of a killer frog, which should make Frosch happy.  And it looks pretty cool, too.  It's leaping with its mouth open and it's got these big, honkin' teeth.  Or maybe it's supposed to be the hypnotoad AFTER it's hypnotized its victim.

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Seems the molds were made for these figures but they were never put out. Which to me seems to very essence of the ignorance at WotC concerning the whole line. I've been told that almost all the money going into making the figure is casting it and once there everything is almost pure profit. Investing the money in making the molds and then killing the line sounds really well dumb to me. (throws up hands)


Still you can find CM for 50% off or better these days. Even if you don't like the figures the parts are great for conversions.

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