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CAV 2 Beta


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1) Can Models with Salvo who chose to remain stationary use Salvo as direct attacks in a Cover Fire Action, or are the Salvoes limited to actual shooting?

2) Does the Shredder bonus count for each Direct attack on a participating model or just once?


I'll have to check on question one.


but question two, Direct attack modifiers like Shredder, PBG, and Hunter apply to all the normal direct attacks.


so you fire your vanquisher at a infantry unit and its two shredder attacks. if you salvo and fire your two shredders then its one normal rav attack and two shredder attacks.


don't forget those modifiers also apply to defensive fire so infantry be sure you know what your shooting at.

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question two, Direct attack modifiers like Shredder, PBG, and Hunter apply to all the normal direct attacks. 


so you fire your vanquisher at a infantry unit and its two shredder attacks.  if you salvo and fire your two shredders then its one normal rav attack and two shredder attacks.

For a cover fire bonus of +5 all by itself....I like the Gladiator II so much now. ::D:


I thought that was the way it was intended to be, but the table of Modifiers for Cover Fire shows +1 for each model with shredder, not for each attack with shredder. That will probably need to be changed in the next build.


So, Here's my next question: Does Cover Fire Happen Simultaneously with other normal attacks by the same platoon? Or more directly, can direct attacks from the same platoon that caused a model to be shaken due to cover fire take advantage of the +2 bonus for attacking the shaken model during the same activation phase? I'm guessing no, but you just know someone's going to try it.


Also, it's not explicitly stated on way or the other, so I'll ask: Does cover fire allow the target to perform a defensive fire attack?

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see i thought you were asking about normal combat not cover fire.


if the chart shows +1 for each Attacking model then thats what it is.


My post earlier was in refrence to normal attacks not cover fire.


Sorry for any confusion.


Mad Pat

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Yeah, I wasn't recommending it be changed, just wondering if the intent was to be per model or per shredding attack, as those kinds of errors very often end up in Beta Rulesets.


A single Model having +6 for cover fire is a bit crazy, but it would certainly lie within the realm of possibilities.

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There's been very little activity on this front (almost three weeks without a post), and I think that's because ww've dug out a good many of the game-mechanics questions in the first draft. We're also getting a little bored with playing identical forces against one another.


Does anyone know when we might see a next version of the document?

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I have played about 4 times in the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, it has been with some newbies of a younger stature and I am having to start them out kinda slow so that they can understand the concepts.


Kinda like in computer games where on the first level you can only build infantry, one the second level you might get infantry and tanks, on the third infantry tanks and gunships, etc... Except mine has been fist game generic CAVs with no real SAs, then CAVs with some SAs, then CAVs plus a tank or two..


I am still enjoying the game, and I can see how this is not so much of an issue when you do a fully combined arms type scenario (which I have not been able to do yet with this small group I have been teaching lately) but I have been noticing a huge trend of simply sitting back, scanning to fire and firing. Not really caring to move around.


Like I said this is before many other aspects have been introduced yet, so it will probably change, but strictly from the generic CAV vs CAV type scenario that has been happening a lot.

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I've noticed this too, except for where there are defined objectives - then there is usually a mad dash for it while they just blast away at each other.


Maybe it's the "warhammer generation" so to speak where they are used to lining up on each side of a table and then plugging away at each other (or charging into H2h - which doesn't work well for CAVS - so they seldom do it)


Either they aren't used to manouvering, or there just isn't enough motivation and reward for it with just CAVS.


Definately something to think about.

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I dunno, in our CAV games we've seen a lot of maneuvering -- mostly advancing from cover to cover and firing on the way in. I'm not sure how that'll change with v2 since I haven't seen the rules yet, but as long as you can move-fire-move maneuver will be very valuable.



We are talking about CAV 2.


It does not compare with CAV 1, at least in terms of the rules that we are discussing here. Including the Scan for Fire that I am talking about.


And by the way, in CAV 2, there is no more Move - Fire - Move ability. It is now down to 2 actions instead of 3.

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Sorry, I must have misread your post, it just seemed like you were answering from a CAV 1 perspective.


Just a few of the changes that is bringing this about:


1. No longer do you have 3 actions per turn, you now have 2. So, movement is much slower.


2. The scan to fire effectivley doubles your range (both your direct and indirect).


3. Indirect fire now uses the same RAV values as your direct fire weapons (and gains a 6 inch range bonus too)


Add those three together:


if you have two enemies standing at say 5-6 ft away from each other (60-72 inches) have the average move of 10 inches per movement phase and say a default weapons range of 30.


CAV A goes first, his choices are:


A.) move 10 inches ahead and still be 50-62 inches away, meaning he can shoot at his enemy with a -2 or a -4 depending on which weapon and exactly how far away he is at his enemy due to them being in the second or third range band.


B.) move 10 inches with the first action and then do a run and gun with the second action to be able to move another 10 inches. His shot would be at either -4 or -6 to hit depending on exactly how far away he is due to -2 for RaG, and the -2 or -4 for range band..


C.) decide not to shoot at all and use both actions to run a total of 20 inches and still be 40-52 inches away (outside of the 1st first range) band for the next turn.


D.) Sit still, do a scan for fire and double the range. if you are 60 inches away then you could fire your direct weapon fire at no penalty. If you are between 61-72 inches away then you can fire your indirect weapon at no penalty.




Results: I am seeing lots of people choose the ease of option D. and let the other person worry about moving and going thru all the penalties to get up to you so that they can use their other SAs...



Disclaimer: Like I said, this is based on testing done with 75-100% CAV on CAV only. So, as infantry and all of their air strike calling abilities come into play, these results will move around a bit. But, this is the current trend that I am seeing....

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