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Guess who's coming to dinner

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and STILL so relevant!


Written and shown at a time when people were proposing federal constitutional amendments to limit just who could and who couldn't be married. Hmmmmm....


Not to even MENTION the complex and often negative feelings our culture still has about multi-racial marriages!


Yeah, I saw this a few years ago as part of my research into radical marriages and popular responses to same (English Gov't vs. Quaker Marriages 400 years ago; Everybody in the UK vs. Irish Protestant-Catholic intermarriage for the last 300 yrs; US Gov'ts -colonial, state, and federal - vs. Multi-racial marriages; European Democractic movement vs. Royal Family Weddings 1760-1880; US & European Gov'ts + Eugenic Populists vs. Marriages including people w/ disabilities; US Federal Gov't and Midwestern states vs. Mormon marriages - both polygamous and not; not to mention modern queer same-gender marriages).


Even tho' I have seen it before, it's something I should really see again. I love Sydney Poitier - too bad he was so often typecast, but after Paul Robeson he was the Re-forger of the pathway to acting jobs for African American men in this country... So it's not like he didn't accomplish a ton, I just wish we could have had a society that would have cast him in more roles that weren't 'written black'. And often written 'Tommish', unfortunately. This movie was a wonderful chance for him to make a statement with his most potent asset - his performance skills - against the injustices constantly affecting his life.


Truly incredible to see both as a piece of culture, a piece of political theater, and as a piece of a Great Actor's career.

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