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CAV2 - Overwatch

Froggy the Great

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What are the chances of adding an "Overwatch" action? It'd be something like:


"Combat Action: a Model forfeits an action in its current action phase to interrupt an enemy model's movement by making a single direct ranged attack against that model. The Overwatching model takes a -2 penalty to its attack roll. Once the shot is completed, the attacked model may continue its movement, assuming the attack has not damaged it to where it has no Mov left. The attacked model may either defensive-fire against the overwatching model or take a normal Combat Action during that Action Phase."

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Isn't that already built in with some of the special abilities, though?


I'm thinking specifically of Counterbattery and AA, where models can essentially get free defensive fire if the respective ability is triggered.


If this gets added, I would hope we wouldn't need to set up another mechanic for it. Treat it as an upgrade or special ability, not a combat action that requires extra bookkeeping


Just MHO.

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