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Dolphins are cool


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I heard about that story last night on Coast to Coast am with George Noory. (Used to be Art Bell's show.)


Fascinating. Being a person who spent alot of my younger days in the ocean either in California or Hawaii, I was always weirded out when a dolphin or porpoise would swim too close to me when I was waiting for a wave.


They have dorsal fins that although are much different in shape than a shark, still are close enough to send your pulse racing when one pops out less than 10 yards from you.


Awesome critters though. I don't support the treatment that they receive in places like SeaWorld and MarineWorld. Their life spans are significantly shorter in captivity than in the wild.


[/end hippie]


so long and thanks for all the fish!

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Well, one thing to keep in mind, sharks are natural enemies of dolphins, probably where the saving comes from.


However, one should not underestimate the usefulness of dolphins. Why, they helped drive the price of tuna up by forcing the use of less effective "dolphin safe" nets. Also, they're VERY trainable. They can be trained to attach explosives to the hulls of enemy ships, or to attack scuba divers who may be trying to attach explosives to the hulls of OUR ships.


And, as Cadaver pointed out... quite tasty. :)

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