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A study in depth of field


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Happy New Year everyone!  Hope it was joyful for all.  I scanned my first round of photographs this morning, and blasted up a web page with some commentary.  The over all aim of the project wasn't so much to display the minis, but to get a feel for the camera and to find out first hand what works and what doesn't.  


Warning: The photos aren't very good!


Take a look and let me know what you think.


The X-periment Begins

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The first thing I noticed was the glare of the lights from the box in the background. You needed more lighting around the mini to counter that.


Also, a polarizing filter can be used to remove glare, but it's not a necessary expense. Most likely it is that "hot spot" of light that threw off your camera readings so it underexposed your subject. Some of those photos could have been corrected at the photolab, however. I, personally, would have printed those lighter. You would have never seen the darker photos.


As for the background, I feel it was "too busy" for the subject. One can't really tell what it is, so it's best to go with a slight fuzz to the background to make the mini stand out. You don't have to go to extremes, but bracketing (as I mentioned in another thread) can help you come up with at least one photo what will be acceptable. This is why so many pros take so many shots at a sitting even though one to three of the shots are actually used.

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