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Cheap, Cool, modular sci-fi terrain


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Ok, So being the impulse buyer that I am I picked up one of these for $20 at the FLGS yesterday. :wub:

I've been playing with them for something like an hour now and have built no fewer than six building/defensive walls that look great next to CAV's, including a raised landing pad with ramp, a CAV repair gantry big enough to fit a CAD-Rhino, an infantry sized bunker and two different styles of defensive walls. I haven't even come close to using half of the parts on the sprues. At this price, I'm already thinking I don't have to worry about taking them apart. I'll just buy more!


I'm having too much fun building right now, but I will post pics of some stuff with models for scale later today.

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Finally, here are some of the Pics I promised. None of the building have been painted or prepped in any way. This is what they look like right after you put them together.


A CAV-Sized Repair Gantry



Landing Platforms with Boarding Ramps



A Bunker



Some Smaller Generic Buildings. The larger building has some size 0 cover on the top along the long edges.



A Bigger Building. Some small parts of the ends are cut off in this shot.



A CAV-Sized Prepared Firing Position.



A CAV-Sized Firing position Big Enough for Two:



Some of the other structures, with a section of perimeter fencing.



All of these buildings are assembled at the same time, and I still have some a good number of pieces left over, but I ran out of right-angle connectors. :angry:


For reference, The CAV in the Gantry is from my in-progress Templars 103rd Regiment -- Mason's Vengeance. The others are from UDO, my Unnamed Demo Opfor.

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By way of keeping everyone informed, I'm not anywhere near as pleased with the "Platformer" set I bought. Most of the actual construction pieces have to assembled from at least two (in the case of the support pylons eight!) of the on-sprue pieces before you can even think about actually stringing them together, and the connections are no where near as snug. The one I have in-progress for 28mm skirmish droops noticably in the center where I don't have a support pillar. Even the Ramps are in four separate sections.


I bought two of the small platformer kits, and I will be taking the unopened one back to the FLGS to see if I can swap it for a small Hexagon kit.

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