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Project: super assassin

John Bear Ross

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Hello all...just wanted to show you the latest bit of putty-pushing that I've done.


The Conversion of a stock Assassin to the Super Assassin.


1.  Start with a stock Assassin.  Perform the snip-repose, as described in the post "Solving the Assassin Problem".  Then, take a pair of snips, cut right between the "Frogged" Assassin's legs, and kick one leg back in a running pose.  Trim all excessive bits of former connecting tissue from around the kicked-back foot.  My DFM launcher was snapped off in the blister (noticed it after purchase), so I chopped down the stem, shaved the surfaces flush, and mounted it upside down.  Looks just as good, no?


Here's what you should have...



And This is how it might look pre-assembly, and pre-putty...



2.  Dremel the bottom of the foot down, so that the "heel" of left-over base is ground off.  


3.  Get some modelling putty.  I used PSI Brown Stuff, which is a two-part epoxy putty similar Green Stuff.  Brown Stuff is preferrable, though, since it holds a mechanical-looking edge better, and can be filed down smoothly.  Also, some Squadron putty tools work better than, say, a fingernail.  If you can sculpt with your fingernails, more power to you.


4.  I should have done some in-progress shots, but there wasn't really a lot of time (the brown stuff becomes unworkable in a couple hours).


5.  I added additional armor to the outside of each lower leg.  A ball-point pen, with the actual pen part removed, was used to make the circular Bellar Joint.  A few armor panels were also sculpted into the lower leg, as well as a vent.  Each Upper Leg recieved a little bit of detail as well.  The dremelled-down foot also received a new "footprint", complete with tread marks for traction.




6.  Now came the fun part...the Main Hull.  There were a few cracks in the hull, so I puttied them over with additional "pods" of Brown Stuff.  I also added armor to the side of the hull, alongside the cockpit, so represent heavier armor for the crew.  A new nose was sculpted, too, giving the Assassin a longer appearance as well as greater protection for the front crewman.  The affect took a little while to perfect, since too much gave the Super Assassin the look of having a "Big Schnoz".






7. After the Brown Stuff cured hard, I filed down the "lumpiness" of by new sculpted add-ons, giving them a harder, more mechanical look.  Brown Stuff is great for my style of hand-sculpting, which is like slapping piles of mush on top of a basic frame and then adding details.  


8.  The Super Assassin had some Magic Sculpt added to its base, for terrain, and was primed.  It now awaits painting, probably in some Candy-Apple Red.  This Super Assassin is going to be the custom ride of a Malvernian "Red Baron" type of character I have planned, who flagrantly paints his armor red as a challenge to those who might seek him out.




9.  As far as CAV game stats go, you have a few choices.  For those on a budget, I'd recommend the base Assassin (297) plus +1 ARM (+61 points) plus an ECCM pod (+31 points) for a total of 389 points.


For those of you who want to go all out, I'd get the base Assassin (297) plus +1 ARM (+61 points) plus an Ace Pilot (+183 points) plus an Ace WSO (+183 points). That bad boy would cost you 724 points, but he'd be a great character unit.  Perhaps you could ditch the Ace Pilot, leaving just the Ace WSO, which would bring your cost down to 541 points.


Well, there you have it...Project: Super Assassin ready for review!



John Bear

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