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Angel of Mercy


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My Thanksgiving painting "binge" consisted of the Angel of Mercy to Frosch's 14 Warlord folks. *heh* I discovered that this particular angel has a well-placed curl of hair in the back through which Frosch drilled a hole, and VIOLA!... instant Christmas Ornament! My mother collects ornaments and I couldn't find one I liked, so I painted this up for her.


I really need to figure out how to photograph white.


I'm posting a link cuz the picture's kinda big and I hate that. :P


Christmas Angel of Mercy



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Very nice painting. I think that hand painted christmas ornaments could be a great way to earn some extra cash this season. People spend a surprisingly large amount of money on unique and interesting ornaments. I think the skill and quality that a good mini painter puts in far exceeds the quality of most manufactured paint jobs on ornaments.


I've noticed that being a mini painter has made me very picky on this kind of stuff. I see small painted statuettes, ornaments, collectibles, etc. that the average person would think look great and instead I find myself thinking the paint isn't inside all the lines, there's little or poor shading and highlighting, etc. I rarely find painting items I like for this reason and I rarely buy them except with the idea that I will repaint it myself.

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I was grumbling to Steve just the other day about how I wish either he would convert for me or Reaper would make for me some figures that are meant to be displayed hanging from a Christmas tree. I think you beat them both to the punch. She's fantastic.


I hope it's okay..I went to Photoshop and tweaked the saturation a bit and resized the image into JPEG. That paint-scheme would be awesome to use on a non-hanging one as a photo for a holiday greeting as well. I wonder if Steve's got one in-the-pewter around here someplace...hmmmm.


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done im my best Beavis impersonation (which is really quite good-if you are a connoissure of such things you would appreciate my capture of this adorable scamps unigue gravelly-yet-childishly innocent vocals):


"Hark the Harold angels sing

glory to the new born king!

Yeah heh heh that new born king guy is pretty cool. Whoa, hey look Butthead itsthat angel, Harold! Hey Harold, its me, Beavis!. Hey uh, hows it going! M heh heh."


no disrespect meant; actually the fact that i chose to do thisredention in Beavis style is a testament to how much i admire this idea. i'm going out tomorrow to buy one to paint for my mother for christmas (she too loves ornaments) and i just might have to make one for my own tree. but when i saw your post i literally heard Btthead say "Whoa, uh huh huh thats pretty cool." to which Beavis responded "Yeah. hey Butthead , listen to this!" which he followed with the dulcet tones that in the spirit of xmas i shared with you all. again no disrespect-i sometimes react this way when i see something unexpected i that i really like.

yeah they talk to me sometimes. and through me sometimes. channelling sucks. m yeah, heh heh.

i think my muscle relaxers kicked in.

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WOW, she's a beauty!


I absolutley love her! :wub:


You've given me a wonderful idea! I'm going to grab her to go with the cherubs I'm painting up for my friend..mom and kids in "angel" form on a snow base..she'll love it ...thanks for the inspiration...She's got 3 kids w/#4 on the way..Husband in Iraq...she needs something cheerful...this will do it ::D:


Her face is so sweet..your mum is going to LOVE it!

I really like the red and greens and that's some sparkling white too...No worries about the pic..it shows how nicely painted she is!




How in the world did you two get so much done over the holidays...order out?


I couldn't even get time to think after cooking up a 28lb. bird and all the trimmings and having 12 people mess up the house...I'm sooooo jealous...I would have rather been painting


Thanks for sharing ..she's really a beaut!

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