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Sir Conlan

Froggy the Great

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i seldom comment on your guys' work as i dont post minis (YET- i finally own a working digital camera so look out mini world! ) but frosch i second that sentiment it is nice to see you improving (your painting, if not your camera work ::D: )

i noticed on your last post as well that you seem to be gettin better. keep it up!

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Nice paint job!

I happen to be in the minority and love metalics that are well executed!

I love the armor and shield they are well defined and shaded..it's great! my only suggestion is to darkline around his tunic breaking up the white to blue in the cloak and also around the sword..it'll really clean up a very good paint job.


That was some productive binge!...How did you accomplish it after all the tryptophaine in the turkey..I always am too tired after a big turkey meal to do anything ...I wish I have your dedication to binge on a holiday...my kids and happy tummy won't let me...sigh...


Great improvement...nice pics too..keep it up

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