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2658: Stone Lurker


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The Pc's ran into one of these last week so I just had to paint one up for them. Should have seen the look on thier faces when they found out these things have a 50' reach.


Think you are safe over there? HA !! I can still reach you from here!!



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it looks positively menacing! both the stone and the tentacles look great, and the eye is truly awesome! (that pupil creeps me out, but in a good way)

buggeye you truly are the king of buggeyed monsters.


poke him in da eye!!-


cry heard during my party's first beholder encounter. then we rolled up new characters.

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How did you do the rock part of it? that looks really good.


Hmmm... lets see if I can get this right.


1. Fig primed white.

2. Base coated with VGC Stonewall grey.

3. Washed with black.

4. layered from reaper pro Granite through stonewall grey and up to ghost grey.

5. Reshaded the recesses with very thin black.

6. Sat back and looked at it thinking it looks nice - good gradient - and smooth - too smooth - arrgggg... it doesn't look like stone.


Then I remembered something I saw posted here about a year ago (forgive me, but for the life of me I can't remember the poster's name). It was a pic of a really big spider (I think) standing on a really big (maybe 6" across) slab of granite. But it really wasn't granite, it was just painted so damn well it fooled a lot of people - me included.


The process I believe is called Stippling. The effect calls for little tiny spots of different colors (black/tan/brown/olive/white/almost any color really - just depends on what type of stone your trying to mimic) to be randomly placed all over the fig. Now, I really believe that no matter how good you are you just can't be completely random if your gonna try and hand place each little spot with a brush and this is where stippling really shines. The trick is to use an old toothbrush dipped into thinned down colors of paint (think close to wash type thin), then draw your finger over the bristles so the paint "sprays" off the brush. The splatter effect you get is perfect for creating that random look.


7. Stippled the fig with about 5 different colors (mentioned above) till i got what you see now - a more natural/rough/granite type look - and tipped a glass to that poster from a year ago.


8. Finished up the details - ie. the teeth,gums,suction cups, and the eye.


Hope I covered it all.

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