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Woot! My very first contest win!!


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WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe ::D:::P: sorry Im just so jazzed that Ive finally actually managed to win a painting contest! My gazelle won the Artemis Blacks Dark Age Brood category.


Ive managed to finally get a pretty good pic taking set up too.


Old picture



New pic taking ability


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The "better" pic just seems so blue....





Check that one. I'm guessing that's a little closer to the actual colors.


Adjusted by removing Blue and Cyan in near equal amounts, adjust Gamma, and Brightness/Contrast.


Of course, different monitors will come up differently, but since it looked better on my monitor at home but still dark and blue, I decided a little fiddling would be okay.


Looks really good. The base is wonderful. What is that red stuff on it?


I also like the freckles on her face.

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