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Warlord Faerie Familiar


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Okee... the progress slowly continues... I've got the Faery Familiar done (primer problems... and the blending on the skin could be better... but it'll do for my gaming army... unless looking at the picture drives me crazy...).




I'm making slow (but not picture worthy) progress on the Duke and the Mage due to real life getting in the way of painting... Trying to push 'em through so I can drop by the Asylum to get my crusaders taught a lesson or two...



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Heartfelt thanks! I started out wanting to do something *other* than a monarch color scheme for the wings... but they kept calling to me... think she ended up fitting the army theme... so I'm happy from that stand-point...


Ever heard of buyers-remorse? Well, I get painters-remorse... I always look at my mini's and think "what else could I have done?" heh... gotta just move on and keep on painting!!! I'm still collecting faster than I paint... ACK!

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Whoa Michael...She's fantastic!


How in the devil did you get all those colors and details on her headband??? My eyes get crossed just thinking about it! :wacko: I bet you had to use a magnifying glass on top of your optivisor and a brush with just 2 hairs on it!


Her skintones are just fine..you need exagerated highlights on something that small..I mean a dime dwarfs her (no pun intended :poke: )


I hope everything IRL is going ok! I have been wondering where you went.


I think your cursaders will kick Madpats and golden eagles tush..I only wish I could be there to watch the carnage! sigh..one day I'll actually have time to watch live play...


Remember all work and no play makes for a very dull day!


Have fun and say hi to everyone over there in TX for me


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