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Easy trees

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This is the spawn of

twjolson's Home Made Trees thread. The first responses were strong enough I figured I'd give it it's own thread for ease of finding.




Mine are Pretty easy:


Go find some branches that will look about right.


dig out some glue and a nail


Get some colored wool fiber, pillow stuffing, cotton...whatever


Fine foliage (the little cut up pieces of foam in foliage colors)


and Aquanet Hairspray (it actually works bestest, the cheaper the better)



cut bottom of tree flat

glue nail to bottom of tree by head


let dry


pull wool (or whatever you are using) out real thin (like cheap halloween spider web decoration stuff, which you can also use) and lay it on the branches where you want your foliage after spraying liberally with the cheap hairspray (the thinner you get the fiber the more "dappled" your tree will look


let dry


Spray liberally with the hairspray again then sprinkle foliage into the fibers then turn tree upside down to let any loose foliage fall off


let dry


repeat last step if desired for a thicker foliage effect


let dry


now your tree is ready to stab by the nail into some foam, or whatever and play with












oh.... Wait......I forgot something before you play with it.......







let dry :;)::lol::lol:







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:huh: Do you know what kind of tree/shrub you got the branch from - I've had a look around home - but most branches/twigs have nowhere near that many offshoots - I especially like the twist in the trunk of the pink one....?

They are sagebrush, easier to buy than find in many locales, but some cedars work great, as well as a few other bushes and shrubs that I don't know the names of (sorry, more into irises and herbs on knowing some names).


And the pink one is my favorite so far. :wub:



Orchid - still planning better pictures, but kind of stalling for the new camera

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*L* Orchid this is exactly how I do my trees. The only difference is I don't use hairspray. I use light spritzes of matte laquer instead. The stuff dries hard and the foliage is practically indestructable.


Lilac branches work well too with the fine twigs they get. I have a seriously large number of Lilac bushes around my house.


One of these days I shall have to do a writeup with pictures of how to make wire trees. They are much more time consumming though and don't have that nice natural look Orchid's have.

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I guess my reply is that it depends on what kind of tree you are looking for.


There are plenty of companies that sell tree kits, and some that sell trees prebuilt.


Some I reccomend trying yourself like the one shown above, cause that looks as good as any of the kits you could get for obviously much cheaper.


But for other kinds of trees I would reccomend the kits.


For example, HEKI PINE TREES are excellent and you can get them in packs of 15 to 60 trees for $15 from www.walthers.com depending on which size tree you prefer.

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How long to the trees last before they need to be replaced or repaired? What stores can you find sagebrush in? I live up in Canada so where would I go to get it?

I like to get my stuff from Sweetwater Scenery, personally, second only to going out and finding it myself, and they are nice people, too, from my dealings with them. You could also try model RR places, that's whers we get most of our terrain supplies.


As far as how long they last, I haven't had to mess with any I've made, but I treat them rather nicely when I handle and store them so your mileage may vary on that. (still need to make me some more of these ::): )

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