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Back here the C-4000 camera was spoken well of....... Does this good review still hold up?


I am going to be upgrading in the near future and have found some great prices on these, would one still be good for someone who just wants PDC (pretty durn crisp) pics of thier minis?


The camera I have now (and took this with) is not cutting it for me any longer, but I really can not justify the $500+ on the one I took this one with. :down: Talk about frustrating......I should have never touched that good camera.....now I know what my pics could look like. <_<:;)::lol::lol:



Thank you!!

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Ivy is not longer with Reaper.



Check out Digital Photo Review and look at the Nikon Coolpics. You're checking for things like:


Focal Length (this is how close you can possibly get to the subject before the camera can no longer focus in. Some of the Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras measure in cm rather than feet or meters.


Depth of Field managability. Can you adjust your apeture so you can adjust for depth of field? You want this so you can get the entire mini in focus rather than the body with a fuzzy, out of focus sword.


Digital Zoom and Macro and how good they are. You also want to make certain to note the focal length of the zoom and macro modes, if available.


Tripod mount and accessories available. You always want to know what bells and whistles are available for the camera. While right now you want something to shoot minis with, chances are you'll use it for other things as well.


The best thing about this site is you can post to their forums and ask the pros and users of these cameras some of these questions to get knowledgeable feedback. Also, this site is constantly updated, they get to review upcoming releases before they are released, and give really good, in-depth reviews of cameras that date back to around 1999. What this means is if you can find a good deal on an older camera on Ebay, you can check and see if the camera will do what you need it to do on here.

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If the C-4000 is near as good as the C-5000 I got last year, then it's a good investment. Like any new hardware it takes some "learning one's way around", but I've found mine to be very versitile, and there's BEAUCOUPS of memory.


No kidding, though I never imagined I'd even use half the memory available or a tenth of the settings available, I find that having a more sophisitcated camera has put me in the habit of looking at almost everything as a potential photograph now. If you never considered yourself a photographer apart from the models you shoot, you might just surprise yourself.


BTW both images you showed look really nice. I like what you did with colour in the first one.

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