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I've actually been in the field for about 10 years of total service time now. Started when I was 18 as a summer job while in college back in 1993.


First five years I worked on a maximum security psych ward for the most aggressive male patients in the state (that were not in the psych ward at the state prison - when the unit was constructed, it was because those folks had finished their prison sentences, but were still a danger to self or others and needed to remain committed in a state facility) and some time in a community residence. I've been service coordinator/case manager/social worker , whatever the title for the past 5.5 years. This is just a lateral transfer request that has been in since October of last year. Looks like it might finally come true <fingers crossed>


Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

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Okay, new change to my wish list for Christmas.


I just learned there will be an opening at the Mental Health Center (opening is for staff, not a new admission, just to quell the potential wise comment ::P: ) 3 blocks from my apartment. This will be such a HUGE quality of life improvement over my current 1.5 hour, on a good day, commute. There have been two openings recently, but one was for a Khmer (Cambodian) speaker, and the other for a Spanish speaker. (The city I live in has a very large Cambodian and Spanish population) So I am just hoping they don't decide to make this opening at the last minute to Gujarati (Indian dialect, the other non-English language). So, I want this transfer to go through for Xmas. It is the exact same job, but no commute, and because the site is based in a mental health center, the majority of the clients will come to me rather than I having to go to them. Just eliminating travel costs alone will be about a $4000 a year raise!!!


Oh yeah, this will also give me scads more time to paint and stuff since I won't be all tweaked out from my commute.


So Santa...

I've tried. Honest I have. :rolleyes:

Good luck - I hope you get the transfer. I can understand not liking the commute.

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I filled a shopping cart at The War Store with $250 worth of Wargods of Aegyptus and Reaper miniatures, and provided a link on my Christmas list to my mother. By a wacky cosmic mix-up, the order confirmation was sent to me (my mother and I have nearly the same email address). It didn't list the miniatures she ordered for me, but it did have the amount -- with tax (cause I'm in New York State, as is the War Store) it came to $91.17.




So I get the huge surprise of finding out what minis I am getting.

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sounds like you'll be getting a nice surprise when you see exactly what minis you got.


If I could convince my folks to actually buy things online, that would make it a lot easier to provide them with suggestions.


Lots of good stuff at the War Store (last time I was in there, I left with 9 pounds of metal, which made flying home fun since it was all carry-on)

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Let me guess, Eastman -- one of your arms is incredibly ripped, the other isn't. ::D:

It was only 9 pounds of minis, so it wasn't that hard to carry (easier to deal with than the work laptop computer I was also carrying, and a little less than half the price ::P: )

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