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Some questions about campaign armies

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I'm a little confused about some things regarding armies in a campaign. I know the Guard has to be created using standard army construction rules, but what about the Company? Does it have to adhere to standard army construction rules as points are added to it? Or is it just a collection of miscellaneous characters and troops that are formed into fighting companies and troop units when needed?


Also, when assigning troops and characters to certain actions (such as attacking a block or performing a midnight raid) does the resulting army need to be "legal" according to the standard army construction rules? Can I use an army composed of nothing but soldiers to attack a block, for example?

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Your Company can be whatever you want it to be and in whatever structure since you the controlling player can mix and match as needed. On a "roster" they're just point values and model types with names. A "roster" doesn't do anything except tell you what assets you have available.


Troop composition and army composition must be maintained when they are finally "used." So in your example you could any soldiers you want, but at least one leader model would have to go with them for each Troop that you put together to send into battle or to raid. Likewise if you wish to raid or attack with a Solo Model, then at least one Troop with a Leader model would have to go as well.

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