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Just noticing that the only time the SA Gungho comes into affect is dismounting troops within 12 inches of an unshaken enemy. Because all other circumstances Rally is automatic with no roll needed.


But, the troops would still be shaken on the dismount meaning that they would still have to waste the turn to do the automatic rally.


Currently, there are no models with the Gun-ho SA listed.


I would suggest that Airborne type infantry should get the gung-ho SA.


Truthfully, I would prefer that the Airborne SA include the idea that these type of infantry are specially trained so that they would not be shaken (no matter if they dropped near an enemy or not) because that is exactly what they are normally required to do.


But, the gung-ho SA would make it where airborne troops, even though they still would have to waste the turn to rally, would not have to roll to rally when they get dropped off near the enemy (again because that is eactly what airborne are usually trained and assigned to do).

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We tested this in our saturday games and it worked just fine. Most of us don't care either way, only one strongly against (his argument was that you don't train to drop within point blank range of the enemy, it may happen, but it still should suck).


However, as a style thing, one thing that bugs us in Warlord is the "this special ability functions as the bla special ability" ... we'd rather the special abilities be listed out to help us remember them. I'd rather see "Airborne, Gung Ho" which will help me remember that the Model has both special abilities than "Airborne" and have to remember that the Model has Gung Ho. We can live with it since we live with it in Warlord, but I'd rather just have both powers listed out.


Besides, what if there are some infantry that aren't trained as well? By leaving the special abilities not joined, you can create those Models, where as if you join them together then all airborne are always gung ho.

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