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Ent Familiar...with a twist


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This is from the Warlord Familiar Pack II, I believe. It's an Ent/Tree familiar.


So, here he is... Woodchip! Or just "Chip" for short :;):










And finally, with his new Master, Chief Librarian Nom (The Wise):




So there you go. I needed a model to represent my Librarian's new familiar. I originally wanted a dragon, but I didn't have the cash to get one of the other familiar packs just for the dragon - not to mention I had to have a model for yesterday's games of 40k! I think an Ent wiedling a chainsword is suitably weird enough for 40k... :devil:


Also, please pardon the crappy painting... it was a 10 minute job. I need to go back and fix some of the highlighting on the chainsword, and clean up some of the metallics on it as well. Also have to clean up the base rim.


Comments or insults regarding using Reaper stuff in 40k are welcome ::P:





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