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Where's Everyone Else?


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As a playtester I want to know what happened to everyone who signed up for the CAV 2.0 beta testing?


There were 25 slots, and as I recall Matt said he had to turn down a half-dozen or so people who had signed up because slots got filled.


I just went through all the beta testing threads and found that only 19 people (Myself included) had responded to them in any way. Three of those (Matt, Brian and Pat) are Reaper employees and Frosch is a board moderator. Even assuming that Frosch is also in the Beta Test and that each non-Reaper person posting represents a distinct group of testers, we still end up with 9 test groups who haven't given a single word of feedback.


So, if you want CAV 2.0 to be all that it can be, please start testing and including your comments if you have not done so already. Given the diversity of opinion seen in the posts already made I think it's a safe bet that you will have something new and useful to add to the discussion.



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Top Posters In This Topic

I signed up and I posted once or twice. I have read through the rules, I am just trying to get together with my players to actually play. RL issues keep interfering. I am still here and still VERY psyched about 2.0.


Hopefully I will be able to get a game in this weekend!

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