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Tactics: army building


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Fatima (x2)



29 Mummy Awakened

10 Khamsin Herdsmen

10 Khamsin Rangers

10 Tomb Guards



2 Avatar of Sekhmet

2733 (Bast Statue) and 2734 (Anubis Statue) as proxied Walking Avatars (and the one in the ILM whose # I forget, for a total of 5 avatars)

10 Proxied Dervishes

10 Proxied Anubis Guards

5 proxied Chosen of Sokar

2 Proxied Reborn

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Judas Bloodspire



8 Skeletal Warriors

8 Skeletal Archers

6 Wraith Harvesters

1 Crypt Bats

4 Skeletal Breakers


I have an additional 12 skeletons from the Dark Heaven line that I use as skeletal warriors. My Necro force will have its debut game tommorrow. :poke:



Lone Star Historical Miniatures


Drop by for a virtual visit!!

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Can't say I really have any form of an army happening atm...and yeh...ok they're not painted either but I have valid reasons :p


Undead Pirates: Razig, Dark Maiden


Mercenaries: Lorielle, Kyla, Leisynn


Overlords: Lola, Yrillix, Corvus


Crusaders: Finari


Elves: Lysette


1 pack of warlord familiars (the one with the doll carrying a giant sword...pack 2?)


You can tell I just went and grabbed only the stuff I liked aesthetically first :p but I think I've finally settled on Overlords. They're a nice bunch overall.

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1,000 point roster - 27 models


Elsabeth Briarkiss

Naomi, Spells ~ Scare x2, Bolt x2, Firestorm, Fear


5 Skeletal Warriors

2 Skeletal Archers



7 Skeletal Warriors

2 Skeletal Archers



4 Skeletal Warriors

2 Skeletal Archers


This roster is good for a clash against the Crusaders when the Guardian Angel is NOT fielded. A number of destructive spells, and you run a good chance of your Warriors getting back up after the first initial impact.

The Archers are present to snipe at Leaders and Elites who are not screened by their grunts. Of course that does not always happen so I roll my two dice and hope for '10's on those Knights.

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