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Cav2b Bodies.

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Ok.. so when infantry get's fragged, they leave "Bodies" which are a size 0 obstruction that act as rough terrain. Something just sits wrong about this in my head... not so much that it's "ghastly" but how many bodies does it take to make the terrain rough going.


In a discussion with Frosch about this, he brought up the Normandy Beach landings - to which I can agree that perhaps it might be hard to get over piles of bodies and it might slow down infantry - but that was also more than a platoons worth of soldiers in a small space.


If we are assuming that the models are more or less 1to 1 and that a stand of infantry = half squad or so, it should be fairly easy for squadmates to step over the bodies of fallen troops.


Obviously CAV can just step on the bodies, and tanks can roll over them - but do you guys feel it's worth using markers to keep track of killed infantry units.


To play devil's advocate, while the odds of a bunch of infantry going through the same point on a table might not be that high, it does make having them take a bottle-necked position interesting - as the bodies pile up, it would get hard going - where as on a field, it might not matter as noone is going to be walking there again.


Does that make sense? What are your thoughts? I'd be inclined to ignore dead infantry, unless it was a special circumstance, like assaulting a bunker where they are likely to reach a choke-point and be mowed down.


Wrecked vehicles and dead CAV are a different story, however.

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The only real benefit to having dead infantry is giving size zero models a bit of extra cover.


Without having any real movement costs for turning, it's easy enough to swing your ruler around the otherwise open ground and avoid the 1-hex rough ground anyway. I thought it was a bit odd to have the bodies become rough terrain in general.


Maybe just for models of certain Movement types?

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Thanks for making a new thread on this, the post in the main 2.0 thread got buried in the rear arc discussion :poke:. My main issue with this is that units can move through infantry freely, however once they become 'bodies' they start causing movement problems. It seems inconsistant to me.


Maybe it's like a zombie flick, where the bodies aren't enough of a threat to kill anyone, just slow them down. ::P:

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I didn't mean to imply that the vehicles should be removed. They've always been a part of CAV as far as remaining on the table once disabled/destroyed. They're big enough to cause a hindrance to most of the the models on the table.


Sorry for the confusion.

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Remove infantry markers, fine. They're just infantry.


But remove blasted CAVs and vehicles, no way. CAV2 has effectively unlimited range in the scope of a game (unless I'm playing on a kitchen floor or gymnasium) and I don't want to get rid of cover.

No, I think we are just talking about dead infantry here - hence the topic "Cav2b Bodies"

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