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D&D 3rd Edition Miniatures


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I have been jonesin' to repaint a select few of the now OOP 3rd Edition D&D miniatures WotC produced just before launching the Chainmail line. In particular, I'm seeking the following "iconic 3E characters:


A Regdar or two.

A Dwarf Cleric or two.

Maybe another Jozan.

And the Male Theif or two.


I don't want another Mialee though. She sucked IMO. I did a search on Ebay, but the few that are listed there don't include any of the above. (Though the 3E HAlf Orc assassin is tempting, despite the fact that I haven't finished the one I started at Gerry's house during the last TAMP meeting.)


Also, I'm curious to know how the Warlord Elves stand up agianst the Chainmail elves. Do they "blend" and "mesh" nicely? The Warlord and Chainmail dwarves match nicely IMO, and was wondering if the elves might be nice proxies as well. (I don't like having too many repeat models in an army).


At any rate, if anyone stumbles across these guys, I would appreciate a heads up.

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the elves from chainmail vs WL elves don't even compare, the bard one almost slips into the slot base!!, that how thin & 2D she is, there were a couple elves that looked pretty good & had a neat concept but for the most part they were boring. There is a WK Reaper sculpt with a female with a spiked chain & it just blows the Chainmail's dainty elf away (doesn't help the "offical paintjob" on her she had a lone ranger mask on :rolleyes: .



The dwarves match pretty good like you said, but you would be hurtin the looks of your elven army if you added the WOTC ones, IMHO!!



Randy M

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