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Amenthotep Rises


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Amenthotep absentmindedly surveyed the few living troops under his command as they set up their camp. His mind drifted over the events of the last few weeks. Only a few days after he had awakened from his centuries long slumber he had been given a small army and told to head north to the Talash Province and help with the recovery of the many artifacts stolen from Nefsokar tombs.


Hopefully, the first of Amenthotep's spies would report back within the next few days with the locations of some of the lost artifacts and the thieves who took them. Who would be the first to receive Sokar's punishment?


I am currently looking for players in and around Guelph, Ontario interested in playing some games of Warlord. If you're interested please PM me or send me an email.


I would also like to hear some tips from any Nefsokar players on these boards. Anything about army construction, tactics, etc would be really helpful. I haven't bought any miniatures yet, I'm still trying to decide what I want to get.



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As a Nef, I can say the Avatar of Sekhmet at 147 pts is worth fielding one of for every standard troop. (as a non-unique Monster in an all Nefsokar force, you can). I have fielded as many as 2 ina 1500 pt game, and desperately want to do a bigger game so I can see how 5 of them do!


Tariq has cleric - So load him with a few Bandages and keep that Avatar healthy. Even at 2 damage - the Avatar is better than most of your melee - and at 0 damage most models need 10's to hit. Sgts with spells keep you form needing to also drop in an elite.


One of my best games yet was vs. Elves - I used Tariq instead of any Elite to keep the Avatar alive, and relied on Chosen of Sokar Sgts for base leaders. Max out your troop size with awakened (they are pretty respectable warriors) and you will usually get thenumber advantage (Except vs. Necro . . ) . A mess of almost 30 mummies and an Avatar will ruin most armies days . . .about 1k points and as long as you avoid bottlnecking your melee troops in some terrain piece - bridge, between 2 big trees, etc, you should do well.


To maximise the benefit of the Cross the River of Death ability, I found that outfitting 1 troop with a musician and throwing it as far out as you can - but make them awakened, so they are cheap - helps. Expect 3/4 of this troop to die to archers befoer htey reach melee - but that's ok. The corpses make your other models faster,and the few that do get to melee mean that the rest of your army can jump to melee almost immediately. I also found that when you set up, you need to not string out your models - not all side by side. if you do this, they can basically only jump sideways. hold yor tomb guards towards the back so they are safe from bows, and Cross them into the enemy line, not march them.


Your Mage (Netikerti) and your Clerics (Khufu, Fatima, Tariq) are better than they look because of Sokar is near. Use them - Bless, Teleport, Bandage, Cure. Only the Crusaders have clerics better that yours - and when you go against the Crusaders, they all get a -2, making you stronger than them.


Last thing before I end my rant - That bottlenecking doesn't have to be bad. Get 1 model past the neck, and cross to his spot with a leader. now youhave a multi-track fighter BEHIND the enemy. Avatar can cross too, and being on a larger base gets better LOS than anybody.

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