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Naval Wars


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In a related note, I noticed that "Carrier Strike" was a reverse-engineered, simplified and hex-based redo of an earlier game called "Fighting Ships" or "Convoy Terror" which has since become public domain! You can download the rules HERE!


So you can take some ideas from this, and some from "Carrier Strike" (dogfights as dice or poker card duels, torpedo runs, kamikaze attacks!) and some from CAV (defensive fire, indirect fire, supression) and create your own game!

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Thanks for the link FPilot, I'll have to check out those rules!

Oh and I've been curious about the Starblazer minis for some time, my FLGS dropped the line years ago; is the website a reliable place to order from?



Salamance- Dream Pod 9 has a new line of tactical scale 'gears and landships.

It isn't wet navy but it may give you some walker vs. ship-thingy action. I haven't tried the rules though.


Edit: Whoopse, was going to post a link to the DP9 pictures:

Heavy Gear Tactical

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If you really want to set damage tracks, why not use the formula from hoary old "Battleship!" (somewhat extrapolated):


Battleships, Fleet Aircraft Carriers: 5 DT

Cruisers, Light Aircraft Carriers, Missile Subs, Amphibious Assault Ships, Supertankers: 4 DT

Destroyers, Attack Subs, Escort Carriers, Freighters, Tankers: 3 DT

PT Boats, Mini Subs, Landing Craft: 2DT


Of course since we're still talking a huge difference in toughness between ships and CAVs/Battlefield machines, it'd take the damage equivalent of 5 CAV DTs to make one Ship DT.

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