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Aye, 'At's a BIG Gun!


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Just so my methods don't seem so haphazard: how to figure the power of guns in CAV from real-world figures...


Take the bore of the gun in millimeters, square root that figure, then cut it in half, rounding to the nearest whole number. Use that as your "Hard" at Zero Damage Track! (Then you can use the Gauss Gatling or Gatling Rotary degredation tables in JoR.)



9mm and Smaller= +0

10mm to 25mm= +1

26mm to 49mm= +2

50mm to 81mm= +3

82mm to 121mm= +4

122mm to 169mm= +5

170mm to 225mm= +6

...and so on.


Is the Points Build system in CAV going to include artillery pieces in the next edition? I'm asking because Dragon is adding the Karl Morser to their CAN.DO line of 1/144th scale prebuilt/prepainted models. With a 600mm gun, it's at least a +12! ("The gun that turned Warsaw into a parking lot.")

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