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Reaper Store Gift Certificates


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So, if I were to buy $X.00 worth of Gift Certfificates from the Reaper Store for a friend, can I get the reciept sent to my email so that I can place it in his gift? I assume that the email contains some sort of "e-coupon" or something?


Has anyone ever used on of these? How do they work?

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I have used them before. This was my experence on how they work:


Reaper Gift Certfificates are nothing more then an online credit card. When you buy something from the online store, there is a place where you put the gift cert. number. Reaper will then deduct from the price of the items you wish to buy from the gift cert. If you don't use the whole dollar amount from the gift cert., you can use the same number until you do.


As for getting a recite, you may need to call customer service for this.

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you can get a paper gift certificate as well. they are found here.


these are only redeemable by mail, you have to send the certificate back to use it.


based on delivery times for these, and you being up North, you may not be able to receive one in time to wrap it a holiday gift .


when you purchase an online gift certificate, you receive a receipt just like every other online purchase. it sends the GC to both your and the recepiant's(spelled wrong I think) email address for confirmation.


if you printed your receipt, you could wrap that....


hope that was helpful,


cher ^_^

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