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Got curious, so I went looking through the orc miniatures on the GW website. You can get the plastic orc command sprue for about $5, which has alot of diffirent bits you could work with. It included legs to make a mounted figure, and a couple bodies you could probably convert to look like Thrall. You might have to fiddle with the heads a bit to get them to look right though. After that you'll just have to find or make that thing he rides on. It's been a while since I played the game so I dont realy remember what it looked like off hand.

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Well, I though about that, but GW Orcs? The heads are huge! :lol:


So far, I'm looking through GW's Lord of the Ring Orcs and Uruk-Hais. Lurtz looks good as Hellscream (my current one is not fearsome and nimble enough to look like the game version of Hellscream), and some of the Isengard Uruks are pretty decent (especially the Captain, who is also Hellscream-style).


As for Thrall, that is a bit tricky. The Wolf-riding is definatly gone for me, as I can't find a single wolf model that looks god, AND can support an orc mini on top of it. However, Thrall himself is what I am looking for, and nothing as come up so far. ::(:

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So far, I got these in mind:




A good shaman mini, maybe even an evil warlock (the "evil" orcs in the game).




The one with the sword in the air seems good, but the armor isn't orcy enough...




To me, that's the best Hellscream, but only if he is converted with an axe rather then the Uruk-hai blade.

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