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General: Bad day for the bad guys

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Well the Stork and I played our first Warlord game without someone from Reaper around to show us the ropes and feeds us troops (I've played a couple of times at Reaper and Kev played in the Warlord demos run at Millennium). I ran my Necropolis warband and he ran a crusader group. We had two others join us as allies. I had an Reven ally and Kev had an Elven ally.


Each of us had a 1000 point warband and the terrain board was a 6 x 8 surface with lots of hills, woods, and two small villages. I was made painfully aware that my force was not well organized to fight a warband dominated by a big group of Elven vale archers. They poured an indirect volley at max range into my skelly archers taking cover behind a low stone wall and obliterated them on turn 1.


I left a token force hiding in the town of Malek, a banshee, and 3 wraiths and the rest of my force took off as fast as it could to help my Reven ally against the crusaders but more importantly so that Naomi and my skeleton warriors and breakers could take refuge behind the Goblin skeeters. :devil:


I managed to pop a fireball into a group of elves but suffered from some horrble die rolling so that my 100 point fireball killed 25 points of elves. My other fireball did just as poorly so that wound up being a huge waste of points.


My banshee got eaten by an eagle and the elves slowly but surely hunted down and killed my screening force.


This would have been ok if the Reven and I had overwhelmed and crushed the crusaders but while we quickly wiped out his grunts and elites we just could not kill his leaders. He made a couple a really crucial toughness tests and made good use of his healing spells and was able to whittle our forces down to the point that when the elves caught up with us, the few survivors we had left decided to make for the nether regions and leave the goody-goodies the field.


Ah well, learned some valuable lessons. I'll do better next time.



Black Lightning #00024

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Yes it was a good day for the forces of good or at least thats the way the report will read by the end of the game all I had left out of 1000 points was Finari, Ironraven, Sir Broderick and a lone Templar who had managed to survive the carnage. Ironraven had made two tough rolles in a row to stay in the fight and Halbarad had sacrificed himself to cast a cure spell on him.


Leasons Learned


1 Skeeters: I hate them (would use stronger language...) you know it's bad when you charge into the black orks so the goblins can't shoot you


2. you can never have to many bandage and cure spells, these keep me in the game


3 when fighting undead do not forget that Halbarb has the holy special ability


4 when facing skeeters Iron crown archers DIE, (did I say I hated Skeeters)


It was a good game real tuch and go for a while it looked realy grim when Dave's skeletons showed up. But Dave and his Allty both have the ability to have thier dice make a victory into a defeat. I am certain that thier will be a rematch soon


Kevin S

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Glad to hear the game went so well. I'm sorry I missed it. I was hoping to at least get a chance to stop in and see how things were running, but spending money on Christmas presents took up too much time.


Hopefully when the next game is set up I'll have my Nefsokar ready to BONK! some heads. ^_^

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