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Beta question- Rugged

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I've looked through the beta discussions and couldn't find Rugged mentioned, so sorry if this is redundant.

I like the idea of the Rugged SA, especially on CAVs. But I see it on several vehicles with only 3 damage tracks including Zero. In the end when points are all straightened out wouldn't it be better to just use standard Repair on these since if a tank is at 2 points of damage(its last point) it can't repair back to zero. So it's only getting 1 pt. out of this abilty. It would be wasted points on buying the model, or am I misunderstanding something?

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true enough. I think I even saw it on one or two models with only 2DT's (0 and 1). That's sort of silly. Maybe in those cases they really mean "tough" instead of rugged. or maybe add that at the end of the activation which causes a rugged model to take its last track of damage, they get an automatic repair roll to see if they survive the onslaught and stay on the table on their last track.


It's of absolutely no value to a model with 3 or fewer total DT's the way it's currently worded.


With as many badgers and hedgehogs as are out there, I'm really surprised none of us caught this earlier. Of course, If we're firing at APC's, they're usually very dead before they get a chance to repair. . .

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