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Dwarf Grandfather (crucible)


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So many things wrong with this guy. I originally planned to paint this guy super quick, and I did, it was about 4 or 5 hours, but I did so many things wrong, I'll go ahead and list them ::D:


1) When I was done I left my paint pots open, so the new paints better get here soon!

2) I only had a few paints since I'm waiting on some new reapers to arrive.

3) I didn't prime it because it was too cold.

4) I kept letting my brush dry out and I didn't care because I was stupid.

5) I was playing a video game in between painting (or vice versa)

6) I only used 2 lights to take the picture instead of my normal 3 and the lighting sucks.



But anyways, I like the base, first time doing the cork thing and I think it turned out ok. And I think this is the hairiest mini I've ever seen.


So, here's mini that was done on my first free day in about 4 months (and the first mini I've painted in about that same amount of time).


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new, better pictures...


Tungsten lighting is a pain to adjust. As it is I adjusted so much the shadows and highlights are a bit on the blue side. You need to either use a flash, the Reveal bulbs in your lights, or use more light. Try to shoot during daylight hours in a room with lots of windows with some of that ambient light coming through. That will also help in dimming the yellowish cast.


As for the mini, it's well done. Is that freehand on the axe? I also like the way the scale armor came out.



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