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More words of advice:


'Flesh Wash' is not something you rub your hands with


Do not try to prime your fingernail, then paint it to its original color. You will never get it right.


Don't gargle with paint, no matter how dry your mouth feels


Cut away from your hands, you don't need to convert your fingers for Tabletop use.


and one last thing:





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and when you get bored in the middle of a long painting session, and paint little sworls and flowers on your nail, wash it off BEFORE spray varnishing anything. They never understand. never. don't even try.

I understand, people have even asked "Who did your nails?"


I do understand



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I'd tell you to 'get a life' instead of browsing ancient threads, but...

That stuff is just too funny. :-)


So, I don't think the Army Painter Goblin Green tastes minty(it doesn't smell minty, at least) but can it still be used to get off of work?

I just clicked on the oldest post just for fun and found that. . .
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