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Nivar - You have the sword on backwards. Are you using clear primer on the base? Please reshoot the image so we can better see the highlights you did on the cloth and armour.

Spawn - What's with the pinkish-tone on the middle finger talon of the right hand?

Crimson Knight - try some red brick washes on the red

Malek - Nice progress so far, reshoot it when you're done


Keep going, don't give up.

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1. in the real thing there is no pinkish tone

2. i know i put nivars sword on backwards, i did it on purpose because no one goes into battle with their sword behind them.

3.the only thing i used was the paint and a lacqer overcoat

4.my camera is bad so this is the best i can get

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Yeah .. primer helps your paint stick to the mini, stops chips and flecks breaking off.


Can I suggest the next mini you paint, prime and after it dries, give it a black/brown wash (1 drop of paint to 20 drips of water/thinner) ... let that dry and man, can you ever see details that you never noticed before.


I have to quote Jester (sorry man) ... thin you paints :-)


Thanks for sharing and post more ... these look like you really enjoy the art ... keep at it.



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Example of what happens to a mini without primer:





Primer is important.


I think you've gotten off to a good start.


The first things you need to learn is to Wash the mini, remove flash and mold lines, then prime (spray or brush on).


Basic paint going where you want it to. Thinning your paints helps you control more where the paint will go and make certain you don't obscure detail as many of the paints are a bit thick straight from the bottle (except maybe Vallejo and the Reaper Master Paints).


Once you get good brush control and understand the basics of the painting, moving on to highlighting and shading is the next step. If you can get your hands on the Reaper Learn to Paint Kit I, that's an excellent place to start.

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