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House Rules: The Moonscar Court

Lord Psilos

Who would like to see an Unseelie armie for a wargame, like Warlord?  

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  1. 1. Who would like to see an Unseelie armie for a wargame, like Warlord?

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I'm loving this game. It's fun, fast, and most of all, since I'm a public educator, fits in my budget.


I've got all the Darkspawn, but I had a bizarre inspiration for an army concept, and I would like help fleshing it out.


The concept is, as the title indicates, the Moonscar Court.


This army is totally chaotic, but not necessarily evil (mix of Evil and Neutral characters). It's led by a megalomaniacal Fairy Princess. Yes. Fairy Princess...


This army is supposed to be a "dark" or "unseelie" fairytale army. I want to avoid demons and undead, save maybe things like "Haunts".


So far, I've bought:


Fairy Princess

Mushroom Men

Frogmen warriors (Former 'princes' of various kingdoms)


That Witch girl, I forget her name.

Goblin wolves

Madame and her Strumpets (The Madame is my 'wizard', called the Merry Widowmaker. :) )


I like the Mercenary factional abilities, which would go great with this army. Scoundrel's Luck? Well, based on sheer luck whether the fairies can do something... I imagine their entire faction 'coolness' would simply be based on their chaotic nature, which can harm you if you get bad rolls, help you out if you get good rolls. No real 'strategy' involved.


Anyone have any suggestions on figures or concepts?


Thank you very much in advance!

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Each army in the book has:

1 Warlord

3-6 other leaders (split between Captain, sergeant, and uniques of both types)

3-6 Elites (split between heroes, clerics, mages, and uniques of those types)

1-2 Melee grunts

1 Breaker/Runner grunt

1 Reach grunt

1-2 Archer grunts

2-5 solo/monster units.


Most factions have 16-17 datacard types.

If you're going with the Generic cards, I'd use those as guidelines. If you're doing a Mercenary proxy, then just fit models to datacards already in the Merc faction.


In any case, you need to post all the details you have. Really. Don't make me borrow the hypnotoad.

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Okay, first thing I'll post, is the Warlord:


Princess Roseblade Moonscar


The fair and lovely Princess Roseblade Moonscar is the daughter of the Good King Hairytop Silvertwig, king of the Sunblush Fairy Court. She lived a sheltered, lavish life, receiving any gift she wanted, and wore only the finest of clothes. She was never allowed outside, let alone into the "real world". One night, during a party hosted by her father, Roseblade came upon Prince Needle Moonscar, who came disguised as a servant of one of the visiting guests. The Prince seduced the princess, and had her carried off to the Moonscar Court. There, the prince laid a gaes that would forever bind the Princess to the lands that are controlled by the Moonscar Court. She is unable to leave the lands, except on the three nights of a full moon. The Princess, quite the brat she is, went mad, and killed the Prince, as well as most of his family. The effectiveness that she did so suprised everyone in the Moonscar Court, so they quickly fell in line, proclaiming Roseblade as their new leader. Considering that she has no way to break the gaes now, she now fights an expansionist war every month during the three nights of the full moon, determined to bring the lands under the Moonscar Court's control... so she has more places to visit. After all, a petty little fief gets boring after a while. Taltos is pretty, and it's along the way back to the Sunblush Court...


Affiliation: The Moonscar Court/Evil

Model: Warlord Troop: 3-12/2 Base: Standard Points: 226(+Flight)

#MA: 3



0 5 8 5 11 13

1 4 6 4 9 11

2 3 4 3 7 9

3 3 2 1 6 7


Special Abilities: Fearless, Flight, Spy, Tactician, Tough/4, Warmaster

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The Awfulness Faerie:

Tank Hero generic card, add Flyer, Horrid, Vile, Ranger, 163 points.


Awfulness Faerie

Affiliation: Moonscar Court/Evil

Model: Unq. Hero

Base: Standard

Points: 163

#MA: 3

Mov: 5/4/3

DIS: 7/5/2

MAV: 5/3/2

DV: 11/8/6

MD: 12/9/8

Bloodlust/2, Flyer, Ranger, Horrid, Vile, Deflect, Ronin, Tough/3

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The Merry Widowmaker


Looks can be deceiving. Underneath the guise of a kindly old herbalist woman lies the heart of a monster. She's loved alone for so long, she doesn't remember what's right or wrong. She helps people, but then later may destroy them... for no reason. She has a particular penchant for eliminating the husbands of new brides, often collecting the wedding rings for some reason only she can fathom. For now, she's thrown her hidden magical talents in with the Moonscar Court, but one never knows when she may change her mind.


Affiliation: Moonscar Court/Evil

Model: Unique Archmage generic template

Base: Standard

Points: 59 (Added Fearless)

MA#: 1

RA#: 1

Move: 6/3

Dis: 6/3

MAV: 1

RAV: 1

Rng: 6/6

DV: 8/4

CP: 6/3

MD: 14/7


Special Abilities: Defensive Magic, Fearless, Mage 3/12, Ronin

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This army is supposed to be a "dark" or "unseelie" fairytale army.


I just want you to know I think this is as sexy an idea as I've seen so far for Warlord. Occasionally I get the feeling that the folks at Reaper were a little too timid to make any bold choices like this for the factions, oh what a game it would have made. At least we have the tools to build them ourselves. :;):


As far as models go, I like the mushroom men and the Merry Widowmaker. I've got a few random fae running around including the mushroom men, but mostly I'm thinking two words: Fairy Meat.


Stat-wise I'm thinking something along these lines: Crank down Dis and MD as far as the generics will let you take them. (They are the twisted, carniverous fae of your nightmares, they can't keep their minds on anything for any lenght of time... and they are beings -of- magic, makes sence they'd have little chance against it) Add wings. Maybe Add +1 or +2 to Mav or Rav depending on the role of the individual model. Don't worry about keeping them in a 'prefab' faction, the generics will do quite nicely. This will net you a fighting company where every model (save for your mushroom men, whom I suggest as clerics to a god of psychotropic substances), flies. Archery based for the most part... You wouldn't get many models as they'd be expensive as all hell. But just try to catch the little buggers... Mov 11 for the 'Moonscar Longbow' -and- it flies, 'hovers' and gets two shots at Mav 4. I can just see these guys scattering out over the battlefield in a turn or two. Yes, they would be out of cohesion and very suseptable to Fear based effects... but how many Scare's you got on that Mage anyway?


Just the idea I'm kicking around in my mind before the Fairy Meat minis make it in from the distributor.



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Wow. Excellent ideas, and an angle I haven't thought of...


Herr Oberfroschmeister and I have actually been in communication, assembling a full army on these guys. It's turning out to be a fun project.


One of the reasons I started this idea was because, while I love the RAGE system, the same tired fantasy armies have been trotted out time and again. Nothing wrong with rampaging orcs or holy humans cleansing the world of evil. Hell, I am thrilled to be playing the Darkspawn, and I'm about to pick up the Razig's Revenge models.


I just wanted something different, y'know? And this idea just kinda... popped in my head. Maybe there are muses, after all.


But so far, I have to admit, I probably wouldn't have gotten this far without Froggy's help. And your suggestions are very welcome, too.


Thanks a lot.

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Meplet Warriors

When the Faeries carry a child to the Moonscar Courts, the child's true nature warps its soul and appears in its flesh. The bullies, whiners, and brats slowy twist into the stunted shape of a walking frog. Scared children in hideous shells, they live in the nightmare folds in the edges of Faerie, never sure what is real and what is hallucination. Most of them go mad within weeks, longing to wake up, unable to escape the bad dream. Their fantasy world of candy and apples turns to mud and garlic. The Moonscar Court pities these twisted creatures, and lets them go home...in the full moon, fighting with all the cunning and spite of playground bullies in the vanguard of the Moonscar army. The Fae of the Moonscar Court practically adore the meplets, because they have all the personal qualities that the unseelie love: Independent, strong-willed, bratty, free. Thus, they're only too glad to take the bratty kids, replacing them with mild-mannered, BORING changelings.


Meplet Frogspawn

When a child is pushed, beaten, or taunted by his family or friends, a little peice of him dies away. These are the poor children on the bottom of the playground hierarchy, the ones too small or too scared to hit back. As self-worth shrivels away, it is embodied in Faerie as a cute innocent little frog, but with the mind of a frightened seven year-old child. Easy prey for bullies as child or frog, they are rounded up and tormented by the Meplet, and then used for arrow-fodder on the battlefield.

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Interesting idea you have here. I like the idea of the frog warriors being princes turned into frogs....sound like what a twisted demented fairy princess would do. You might want to check out some of the stuff WOTC put up in thier Fey section for some more ideas. There was the dark hunt lead by the darkest Hunter that could be expanded a bit for Warlord.


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