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Finished opening the gifts


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AHHHHH MAN! I ate **WAY** too much! I think I'm gonna hesplode! I didn't get a single Reaper mini, but I did get minis! Several of the Lord of the Rings kits (Treebeard and a Nazgul MTD on Fellbeast) plus some blisters. I got the Xtended DVD too, which was the jewel of the loot IMO (wowza, what a flick!)


The all time coolest thing I got though, was a cobblestone textured mat from Canadian Tire (it's one of those christmas collectable villages things), but it's huge! I'm gonna have to go back and clean them out during the post christmas sales blitz.


The kids were disappointed overall though (they turned 13 year this year, so their gifts were the typical teenager type - expensive!) Needless to say they were accustomed to having a hundred and one presents to open, so they felt sort of short changed this year. Sigh.... <_<


Hope everyone had a jolly holly! :bday:

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Well Not counting the small haul (Clothing) I received for Hanukkah from my Parents this is what I got this year. I was in shock on several things believe me. Especially knowing the family history of things. Maybe things are finally on the mend. I can hope. I've been trying for a long time to be a good sister to my siblings.


My Brother found for me a cookbook I had been drooling over but had not purchased for myself because it was about $40! Somehow he managed to find it for half of that. He had it sent to me here at the house.


My Sister was the biggest shock of all. From her I received a pewter candleholder, a sweater, a pair of jeans, a set of 30 dremel grinding bits, and a cami-top. The cami-top had to go back though because it had one of those built-in bras in it and well, it wasn't doing what it was supposed to do. The Jeans fit but were to short in the length so my sister was going to exchange those for me.


In return, because my cash flow was short, my Brother and his Girlfriend in Georgia received a gift certificate to Walmart so they could get what they needed, and my sister received from me, two magnetic bracelets, that she loved, but I have to lengthen them for her. Apparently her wrists are bigger than I thought. She uses the magnets to help with pain in her right wrist.

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Well, Mrs. 'Mane treated me pretty good again this year. Got a Ramones t-shirt, a CD by comedian Mitch Hedberg( the guy's hilarious), and two DVDs, Circle of Iron(an old martial arts flick starring David Carradine-kinda deals with the philisophical/spiritual side of the martial arts, as well as kicking a$$), and Godzilla:Tokyo S.O.S. (the Big G, Mothra, MechaGodzilla, lotsa small buildings being destroyed....classic Japanese monster mayhem!).


I also got a CD from my friend in California, "Once" by Nightwish..very good stuff.

A Christmas shopping tradition I have is to buy myself a CD while I'm shopping for others.....kinda selfish, I know, but......well, I guess I don't have an excuse, I just do it. :blush: This year I picked up "Death Cult Armageddon" by Dimmu Borgir(symphonic Black metal from Norway, I believe....fun stuff!)


Hope everyone out there had as good a Holiday as I did!!! :B):

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I didn't get any minis. I could really use a set of wraiths or maybe more skeletal archers, too.


But, I got a whole bunch of stuff for my musical projects: new strings, a case for my bass guitar, and stands. And some books. Plus I wound up with a pecan pie all to myself, since I was the only one who had any at the party today, they sent the rest home with us, and I'm the only one who will eat it in this house.


Thomas got such a haul that we'll be investing in his first toybox soon. :bday:

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Let's see..


Miniature wise, i got:


WH40k Tyranid Biovore

WH40k Space Marine Scout /w Missile Launcher

WH40k Space Marine Apothecary Corbulo

Reaper DHL Vidor Nothham

Reaper DHL Malvernis Inquisitor (the one with his hand raised in the air)

Ceramic Paint Palette, brush organizer, Green Stuff (finally!)


I also got:


"Shangri-La", Mark Knopfler's new album

Half-Life 2 Collectors Edition

a new black hoodie

black button-up dress shirt

Portable headphones for my MP3 player

a nice new tape measure for gaming :)

A large rifle case... for transporting my tyranids ::P:


I had a great Christmas. I would have liked to have gotten some more 40k stuff but I can't complain. My brother is low on cash, and my dad only likes to get me "useful things" :poke:

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I got the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set, clothing, several Madelman action figures, a Toy Biz super poseable Frodo, cookies, the Ana Torroja-Esencial CD/DVD set, Moenia's StereoHits CD, and Max Payne 2 for the PC.


Christmas dinner was great too, with turkey, ribs, salted fish, romeritos, apple salad, tortellini with basil (sp?) sauce, pasta al pesto and apple strudel. Man, did I eat too much...

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I got myself the Lord of the Rings super-duper boxed set, all the movies, extended edition.


Got a wonderfully warm pair of gloves from a housemate.


Got a Masumune Shirow art book, very happy with that.


And tonight, I got a serious drunk going on with some sake'. Love the sake.


--LSH, all postings while hammered are to be taken with a grain of salt.

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all postings while hammered are to be taken with a grain of salt.

Only if they're tequila posts. ::P:


Regarding Sake...3 words, Sho Chiku Bai. 'nuff said. :poke:


Well, no Reaper minis in my lewt, I thought there would be a couple in my stocking but they were blisters packs of micron pigma pens, cool nonetheless. I did get many gift certificates one of which is for $50.00 at my flgs. Sweet. The perfect gift IMO for those with weird niche hobbies, a gift certificate. Definately prevents the following situation from happening; "Here, Merry xmas! I knew you liked Warhammer so I picked up this great box of Dark Eldar Haemonculi for you! I hope you love them!"

"Um...err...yeah, thanks. :down: just what I needed to complete my Space Marine army...some Dark Eldar Haemonculi..." lol.


Hope every one had an enjoyable time and ate as well as I did! Mmmm...honey baked ham....mmmm....

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Stormie, surely it should read "all postings while hammered should be taken with a grain of rice" :o)


Xmas day, like the last few, was spent mainly at work, but once I did finally get relieved I got a reasonable haul (whole family's had to cut down). My bro got me a 42" Plasma TV (okay, maybe not the whole family :o)), my Sis and Bro-in-law got me some DVD's as did my Niece and parents, and I got a travel screen for my Xbox as well, and some odds and ends. I got a radio controlled car, which I'll be donating to my bro-in-law when I finish work today.


It was a good, steady, day and everyone enjoyed themselves - and I got to hold my great niece for over an hour. All in all a great day - though the lead hasn't arrived still :o(

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My favorite gift, was from my stepdad, a 7 inch Santoku style chef's knife.

He also got me a Chef's torch...hmmm Creme Brulee, but since I have a blow torch somewhere, that is extraneous. He also paused and then started wondering about how smart he was giving me a large knife and a torch. He apologized to my wife profusely.


I also got a 3.5 ton floor jack and jack stands. That sucked bringing that beast up to my 3rd floor apartment. (Pass the Tylenol) Not like I can't squirm under the truck to begin with, but now I can take off the wheels too. ::D:


One of my brothers gave me a rather large gift card to Home Depot. Wooo hoooo powertool shopping!!! The finger count starts at 10... :devil:


Shrek 1&2 and LotR:RotK of course were had.


I was kind of bummed that I didn't get anything mini related (my mom made the comment that they had a concensus and thought I had enough - Wha?!? :blink: there's no such thing), but I also got some Xmas loot, which, as of 5 minutes ago, no longer exists (along with a bit more money), and is now in Reaper's pockets. Have to go out and get the palette I was hoping for too.


Christmas was wonderful though, I got to see all my brother together, usually we can only get two of the three in the same place at the same time. I also got to see my dog!!! Miss her big time. I came home, and was like "Oh hi guys, Merry Christams!... DAISY!!! Here girl." Lots of rubbing and scratching and rasslin and ignoring the rest of the family for about 15 minutes ::D:


I'm mad I forgot to filch some of the leftover ham before I left.

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