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Bad News At Home


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Hi, I dont post much here in the general discussion or on the boards at all for that matter and I really debated on posting this here at all, but I'm sure there are people that are going through similar situations, and sometimes hearing someone else is going through these things makes your own burden easier.


But anyways, my mother-in-law passed away last night from cancer, and as you can imagine, the family is pretty torn up. She'd been sick for some time, but it's still tough to lose someone, even if you id expect it. She was in her mid 50s.


Her and her family are very strong Christians, and their faith has helped them through many of the hardest parts of all this. I am a believer that everything does happen for a reason, and there is a plan greater than we can see, so that does give some comfort.


Anyways, if you feel like keeping her family in your thoughts and prayers that'd, be swell, even if you don't know someone the spreading of good thoughts and prayers can be helpful (at least I believe that).


I'm always reminded of the Gandalf quote from LOTR (which I can't remember word for word): Death is not the end, just another path we all must take.


I don't want to be a downer, but if you have families, tell them you love them, if you have problems understanding why you're here and why things happen, try to figure it out. Don't take life for granted, and enjoy it.


Also, if anyone does have someone they love going through something like this and you're not sure what to do and you need to talk, let me know. My wife was able to get some great comforts from her online friends, and talking to people does help, because you're never alone if you don't want to be.


Anyhow, just wanted to share.


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I know somewhat of what you're going through. It was about a week before Christmas and my best friend since Kindergarten committed suicide despite everyones attempts to stop her. It was the first death I've ever had to deal with and thankfully I'm doing ok...but I still break down every now and then when I think about things past, present and future.

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The Rose Still Grows Beyond The Wall


Near a shady wall a rose once grew,

Budded and blossomed in God's free light:

Watered and fed by morning dew,

Shedding its sweetness day and night.

As it grew and blossomed fair and tall,

Slowly rising to loftier height,

It came to a crevice in the wall,

Through which there shone a beam of light.

Onward it crept with added strength

With never a thought of fear or pride,

It followed the light through the crevice length,

And unfolded itself on the other side.

The light, the dew, the broadening view

Were found the same as they were before.

And it lost itself in beauties new.

Breathing its fragrance more and more.

Shall claim of death cause us to grieve,

And make our courage faint or fall?

Nay, let us faith and hope receive,

The rose still grows beyond the wall.

Scattering fragrance far and wide,

Just as it did in days of yore.

Just as it did on the other side,

Just as it will forevermore.


By A.L.Frink

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